Contestant: Sean Jennings [Sims in Love: Bachelorette Edition]

Contestant: Sean Jennings [Sims in Love: Bachelorette Edition]

You may not realize it, but the gallery is basically groups of sims in the following configurations:

  • single
  • mom, dad, children (teens and younger)
  • mom, dad

Rare exceptions to the above. It is the exceptions I’m after. Unique with a story that I can embellish as needed to give the sim something more than just a name and clothes.

It is no wonder I’m having trouble auditioning for the contestant spots. I did find Sean. I thought the story was interesting and since he starts as a teen I of course need to age up the family appropriately.

Saul and Teresa Jennings are not great parents. Not a nice thing to say, but quite accurate. Therefore, the bulk of the parenting rests on their twin boys. Sean and David are used to juggling school, work and parenting, but now that they both have their eyes on some special someones, life just got a bit more complicated. #chelepopulatestheworld #townie #townies #nocc #ccfree #backstory #family #largefamily #adult #teen #child #toddler #pregnant #cute #hot #lgbtq #guy #maleSim #femaleSim

Backstory: Sean Jennings

Sean has a twin brother named David. The two spent their teenage years raising their younger brother and sister as best as two kids could. Now they are grown up looking to find a way out of their current living situation.

Sean has set his sights on this new Bachelorette show he saw on television. He got his acceptance letter today and is trying to not feel guilty by leaving his brother David behind to care for Ian and Susan.

Sean wants love and a family. Will the bachelorette be “the one”? He hopes so, this house is getting very small.

Prologue Requirements

For this one I wanted to see if an existing lot by Maxis would work – much like for my last contestant. Brook Bungalow in Willow Creek fit the bill. I had to add another twin bed to the toddler’s room; however it works. I’m trying to ensure all my contestants have a double bed at their house … because WooHoo is allowed on those dates 🙂

In adding clothes to Sean I discovered he was either barefoot or wore green sneakers. Even in formal. This will be fun. Because he is creative I started him on the writer career. I had to give him a few skills to help:

  • Writing 7
  • Painting 5
  • Charisma 3
  • Fitness 6

I walked away for about 30 minutes and let them run around a do whatever. Did a quick save and exited – so any previews on his family will come with the home visit!

Contestant: Jaiden McCurdy [Sims in Love: Bachelorette Edition]

Contestant: Jaiden McCurdy [Sims in Love: Bachelorette Edition]

Again this was found in the gallery and while most of the households I find are a complete unit with wife and kids – so much so I was thinking of doing those and aging everyone up hahaha.

Then I found this gem. Jaiden is still a teen here but a quick adult up will suit him fine. I turned aging off in my game save so that no one will age beyond what they are starting out for the duration of the show.

Back to Jaiden. He comes with mom and dad plus two younger siblings. He isn’t too bad looking either so that is a bonus plus. I’m not really paying attention to traits – that fun will come with the show itself!

The McCurdys are what you can call a dysfunctionall family! Money can buy you anything but when ego comes in the way it’s hard to make it work. Will they pull through or will the family break apart? #drama #dysfunctional #dysfunctionalfamily #story #backstory #hyaleroux #family #5sims #teen #child #adult #seaons #nocc #ccfree #catsanddogs #cityliving #gettogether #gettowork #comments #parenthood #spaday #vintageglamour

Since this family has stuff from packs I don’t have I will have to edit the CAS for them. Looks like they all ended up bald hahahahaha.

Outfits were just randomish as needed. I wanted to spend more time on who they were as a family – such as jobs and skills needed. I want them to run autonomously and just be a normal family.

Backstory: Jaiden McCurdy

Jaiden did not get the best start in life in forming relationships. His whole family hates children and growing up with parents who were never home turned him into an evil adult who also hates kids. He is going onto the show for popularity and does not expect to fall in love.

Jaiden wants to marry a beautiful woman but doesn’t want to settle down and have a family. He wants to party and move up to Boss in his career. He doesn’t have time to tend to a jealous wife and hopes to find someone who is happy to spend his money and raise their kids. He may not like them but his dad brainwashed him with the whole family legacy thing and so he will spread his seed. What his wife doesn’t know won’t hurt her, right? If he can find one first…

Prologue Requirements

Jaiden is in a criminal career and I gave him the following starter skills for that. We’ll see where he ends up!

  • Mischief 10
  • Handiness 6
  • Logic 6
  • Charisma 6

Blake is the father so I put him on the Business track. I gave him a few promotions so he brings home a decent amount every day. I went the investor route and upped his Charisma and Logic Skills.

Ivana is the mom and she also had the business savvy trait so I went with it but decided she would take the management route.

Larissa is all about the music but as a teenager (game is bugged and says she is a young adult but she is a teenager lol) so for now she can be a Barista. She doesn’t need the money but her parents made her get a job and she liked coffee so win win.

Beau is still a child, even if he appears to be a teen (silly bug). I made him a scout for after-school. His parents work long hours and they wanted him looked after until they were home. So even though he hates being a scout he has no choice.

All updated on the spreadsheet:

Contestant: Andrew Washington [Sims in Love: Bachelorette Edition]

Contestant: Andrew Washington [Sims in Love: Bachelorette Edition]

While the Filming House Speed Renovation video was uploading I decided to view the gallery and see if I could find any interesting sims to use for The Bachelorette Challenge.

Because I wanted a backstory I used that as a hashtag. It isn’t uncommon and the second search result was a perfect option! There were several versions of this Sim loaded to gallery and I selected the Single Dad with Grandad cause… family for home visits!

#MathiasRhodes couldn’t be happier living the #cabin life all #alone. Following after his childhood hero, a #hermit that lived in the woods behind his house, Mathias has come to a #simple lifestyle. And has for a long time. If he’s ever not #fishing he’s being a #bookworm, and his #gardening makes him self-reliant. Does anyone dare try to befriend this #loner? Or, if even possible, worm their way into his heart? #backstory (Home): #stagcabin

BONUS is because he comes with his own house!

#stagcabin Who says men can’t love #flowers? This #mancave features a beautiful flower #garden and a #woodworking area. The #cabin is also a #tinyhome, and you bet it can be a #cottage for any lady #loner! The second floor has a #loft with a catwalk leading to a #private #balcony. Sims with #handy skills can carve their own table, chairs, and end tables to complete this #haven from society. (#mathiasrhodes #novarhodes) For #perfect plants, #mitusgrove is your lot!

Backstory: Andrew Washington

Following after his childhood hero, a hermit that lived in the woods behind his house, Andrew has come to appreciate a simple lifestyle and has for a long time. If he’s ever not fishing, he’s being a bookworm and his gardening skills makes him self-reliant.

A few short years ago, a whirlwind romance with Andrea Reynolds ended in a blessing and curse. She died in childbirth but left him twin daughters, Summer and Savannah – the season and city where they first met.

His father Larry moved in to help with the rambunctious bundles. It was Larry who pushed Andrew to be a contestant on The Sims in Love! He offered to watch the two girls while he went to see if he could find love again.

Prologue Requirements

Well, for this backstory to be accurate I will go in and setup the house first. Make sure there are enough beds for all and get their relationships up. I’ll let them basically do their own thing.

Skills are another story and I’ll use cheats for that. Here is his starting list:

  • Cooking 5
  • Fishing 8
  • Gardening 8
  • Gourmet Cooking 5
  • Handiness 8

I’ve decided he will be a Gardener and will add that career. Honestly because I’m doing most of it via cheats – relationships and all – there won’t be much of a need to play him other than getting him going.

I’m keeping the spreadsheet updated – a lack of organization makes me feel overwhelmed lol.

Challenge Rules [Sims in Love: Bachelorette Edition]

Challenge Rules [Sims in Love: Bachelorette Edition]

First, Let’s Get Personal

It’s a new world if albeit a familiar one. I haven’t played a sims game since Sims 2 was released! I’ve put in 114 hours since I started Sims 4 TWO WEEKS ago. Yes, 14 days at 114 hours does equal 8.14 hours per day. Given that I play obsessively all weekend it is only like 4 hours each weeknight. Standard in my household.

I’m looking to find my zone in the game. I love building houses and creating stories. I’ve never streamed or published videos on it before because that started with King of Avalon. I’ll admit, I’m nervous. And stressed, haha. Going from a one-game persona to more agnostic one isn’t easy or overnight.

I enjoy being a part of an online community. I love to socialize in big groups who share the gaming bug as much as I dislike being around people in real life. I get to be extroverted in a safe introverted manner. I control who I talk to and when we interact. I can block/ignore and make lifelong friends.

I publish to be social. Not to be popular, just meet new people. So far I’ve been able to respond to every comment on every post I’ve made anywhere. I hope I can keep that up! I care more about community than views or likes; they make me feel good but it isn’t the reason I post. That reason is to be me and express myself in whatever I create. Like art. To be appreciated.

Check us out at

Team Savage

Now for the reason you are here:

The Sims Challenge: Bachelor/Bachelorette

I am not sure at this time how I will acquire my Bachelor/Bachelorette, Contestants, Lots, or Families. I will either pull them from the Gallery or request that they be made/donated by fellow simmers.

I wanted to randomize as much as possible. This means I don’t want to create any of the Sims or Lots that will be used. I’ll either use the Gallery and ask real life friends to create a backstory or use the EA forums and post a thread there.

Challenge Requirements

You can view the original at XUrbanSimsX website. I have added my own flair to them but kept the spirit of the original in mind. I have mostly changed the requirements and schedule, leaving the base rules in place and adding a few of my own.


I need a lot of them. I’m dubbing my show “The Sims in Love” and will be using #TSIL1 and #PHQ to identify this season and myself. If you make a Sim or Lot donation please ensure I have your Gallery username and that those two hashtags are used. Links to your creation will be provided – I have no plans to upload my own outside of anything that was renovated for the challenge.

Bachelor/Bachelorette & Contestant Requirements

  • Romantic trait is required for Bachelor/Bachelorette Sims
  • Everything else is up to the creator of the Sim: looks, clothes, other traits, and aspiration.
  • Backstory is required.
  • Family home is required.
  • Family of bachelor/bachelorette/contestant is required; 5 sims max.
  • No skills, fame, or job. Whatever they acquire in the preshow work is what they’ll start with.
  • No CC outside of formal outfit – CC links required. Just the top/bottoms/dress – not the shoes, makeup, hair, accessories, and such.

Preshow Work Requirements

Ideally I want a backstory and family to go with everyone. This includes their home. I will be playing the contestants to establish relationships with their family as my challenge will include a home visit to meet the family before our bachelor/bachelorette makes their final decision. Each season will have it’s own game save and all the actors and their families will live forever there. Who knows where this story will end up?

Backstage videos of the preshow work is very likely to be released at some point. If not just streamed live.

Lot Requirements

I need several for this challenge! I’m going from pre-show preparations to wedded bliss and the joining of two households. Either I’ll have to buy all the world expansions (will happen eventually) or I’ll add the locations as needed for the story. Ideally I wouldn’t use the same lot twice outside of the main filming.
(24 Total)
1 – Filming House where everything happens; will be renovated to meet needs.
7 – Homes for each of the 7 contestants where they and their family will live. No renovations.
9 – Date venues; mix to cover solo and groups as large as 5
1 – Proposal venue; where the final two will travel to find out if they won his/her heart
1 – Engagement party venue; congrats to the new couple with family
2 – Bachelor/Bachelorette venues; one for each soon-to-be (yes, we’re going there)
1 – Wedding Venue for the happy couple
1 – Honeymoon venue. Is a baby next for them?
1 – Home for our Bachelor/Bachelorette where the happy couple will live after the show ends

NO CC for any Lot.

The Rule Book

Elimination Rules

  • Before each Rose Ceremony begins the Bachelor/Bachelorette must hug each single. The game is paused and relationship totals tallied. Then the formal ceremony continues with free will enabled.
  • The woman/man with the least compatibility with the Bachelor/Bachelorette will be forced to leave the house immediately once eliminated.
  • Once an eliminated contestant has left, no further contact is allowed via the Bachelor/Bachelorette or remaining contestants.
  • In the event of a tie, the contestant the best relationship with the rest of the sims in the household will be selected to stay, the other will be eliminated.
  • Once a contestant enters the house, they can only leave upon elimination.

House Rules

  • Only service-based npcs are allowed to enter the property until the final Black & White event.
  • Interactions between sims are allowed, as long as they are fair and non romantic!
  • Sims are free to do as they please with full free will enabled.
  • No television, books, phones (will be silenced), tablets, radios/music or computers are allowed while filming for the contestants (outside of events with music).
  • Private journals are allowed and encouraged.
  • No forced romantic interactions, if It happens anonymously it must allowed to happen.
  • If your Bachelor/Bachelorette has whims/thoughts of a sim, be an interaction or even romantic (excluding WooHoo), you are allowed to perform the interaction at any given time. No thought/whim no romantic interaction!
  • The contestants, no matter the whims/thoughts are not given this privilege to act upon them with the Bachelor/Bachelorette. With each other, yes. Especially in moments of jealousy and mischievous behavior. Let drama in!
  • No WooHoo is allowed until only two contestants remain.
  • No Make a Baby is allowed until after the wedding ceremony.

Date Rules

  • Dates cannot be cancelled once they begin.
  • Share the love: you cannot repeat date a contestant until all contestants have had a date (group or solo) in the same elimination round. No double-dipping!
  • Kissing is allowed on dates.
  • There are no roses on dates.
  • All group dates are Elimination dates made up with sims who have the lowest relationship with our Bachelor/Bachelorette after the group house activity that Monday.
  • Solo dates are RNG based on who was left after the Elimination Group Date – the two highest relationship scores.

The Schedule of Events

I have decided to create 7 episodes over 5 weeks – 35 in total. I’ll create a week’s worth on the weekend and release the first episode on Sunday and then daily thereafter. I’ll have a week’s worth on hold at even given moment in case real life decides to have a turn. That does not include preshow work which I’m sure will add more. Maybe they’ll become a new challenge I can play out…

No real surprise, I did this in Google Sheets. I couldn’t help myself. The schedule as set will not change, just the titles as I acquire Lots for dates.

I’ll add new tabs as the story progress. Follow to stay updated on the progress! If you want to create content for this fiasco, drop me a message ❤