How to Get Lord Experience

There are a lot of ways to get lord experience in King of Avalon.  In fact it is one of the easiest things to level up.  You don’t need to max your lord to 65 to unlock the war skills you need.  58/59 is usually a good place to stop leveling the lord while you focus on other important stats.  

Free to Play

Kingdom Threat a.k.a. Golem

So this was nerfed a bit.  It used to be that the experience gained would scale with the damage.  So players who mastered the art of PVE formations early on benefited the most.  This was also when golem was so laggy you had to port and be very fast before the game froze and your buffs died.  

Currently you can gain a max of 890 x 500 lord experience per hit, or 445k experience.  Times ten hits you’re looking at a cap of 4.45 million experience.  This is advantageous because if you’re in a united kingdom those who have maxed their lord no longer push to rank high in golem.  So others can gain the perks.  At least that is how 207 works.  

Golem Rewards Rank 1 through 10
Golem Rewards Rank 1 through 10
Golem Rewards Rank 11 through 50
Golem Rewards Rank 11 through 50

Getting rank one means an additional 5 million lord experience, for a total of 9.45 million.  Getting one of the 21 to 50 ranks will still give you a total of 5.95 million experience.  Which is easy to do as long as you’re wearing war gear and have a formation.  No gold on buffs required unless you’re in a steroid driven kingdom.  Then just pray for migration.

Magic Spire

Really this one is negotiable.  It depends if you have other priorities where your Magic Crystals could be better spent.  Its over 370k crystals for 100k experience.  It is laughable to be honest.  Most people can only hit spire one a day and that is potentially your entire gain for a day if you farm below 8.  Don’t waste your time here, it just doesn’t have the roi other loot traders do.  

Magic Spire Lord Experience
Magic Spire Lord Experience

Merlin’s Trials

This is all perspective.  It all depends on what you are focusing your trial coins on.  I personally used them to level Morgause to 5.  The rest just sit pending a need.  I used to flip them for 3 hour speedups every day, but you never know when you may need something.  Always best to horde than to spend frivolously.  Especially if you’re free to play.  

Here you get 5000 lord experience for 74 coins.  Not a bad exchange.  If you kick that up to 74k trial coins – easy enough to get in a week or two – that is 1000 x 5k lord experience or 5 million total.  That is handy.  For this reason I’d label this as a decent option outside of golem.  

Trial Coins Lord Experience
Trial Coins Lord Experience

Alchemist’s Corner

Honestly, unless your dragon is 70 there isn’t much you can crucible to trade for lord experience.  In fact I’m throwing my lord experience through the crucible to convert to dragon experience.  At about 1/5 transfer.  Meaning I get 1k experience for my dragon for every 5k item I put in.  Unless you have one or the other maxed it is counter productive to use this particular loot trader.  But it is an option.  

Alchemist Corner Crucible Lord Experience
Alchemist Corner Crucible Lord Experience

Spirit Altar

Hold Ceremony

Thes are listed in order of coins spent.  As you can see the last 100k experience x 5 for 54,000 coins is the most effective ceremony to run.  It is worth saving up even if it delays the experience gain slightly.  

  • 100k lord experience for 13,500 coins or 7.4 experience per coin.  
  • 180k lord experience for 27,000 coins or for 6.6 experience per coin.
  • 500k lord experience for 54,000 coins or  9.3 experience per coin.  

Pay to Play

If you’re looking to level fast then packs are a viable option.  They can be expensive depending on the experience you require.  Honestly, if you’re looking to spend there are far better ways to beef up and get a better return on your money than buying these packs for lord experience.  The only reason to buy packs is if you’re an experienced player in a new kingdom looking to gain an edge.  If so you probably don’t need this guide.  

Lord Development Pack

0.99 Lord Development Pack
$0.99 Lord Development Pack

Growth Package

4.99 Growth Pack
4.99 Growth Pack

How to Get Banners

There are a lot of ways to get banners in King of Avalon. Many are free if you’re willing to wait. Then there is the option to pay and get as many banners as you can afford.

There are a lot of ways to get banners in King of Avalon.  Many are free if you’re willing to wait. Then there is the option to pay and get as many banners as you can afford. 

Free to Play

Outside of the free options below you can also get free banners if an alliance member buys an Alliance Prestige pack or if Merlin is feeling generous and offers 20.  

Spirit Altar

The Alliance Spirit Store has unlimited banners available as long as the alliance has enough Ceremony Crystal’s to stock and you have enough Spirit Coins to buy them. They cost 16 crystals or coins per banner. 

There is no limit to the banners you can acquire in the Spirit Store - until you run out of spirit coins that is.
Prestige Banner Spirit Store

Most alliances select The Wander Spirit which returns free banners every week!  If you are active and run a few alliance events each week it really isn’t difficult to unlock all the chests.  In total there are 3,575 banners via the Alliance Celebration tab every week.  Free.  

Most alliances select The Wander Spirit which returns free banners every week!  If you are active and run a few alliance events each week it really isn't difficult to unlock all the chests.  In total there are 3,575 banners via the Alliance Celebration tab every week.  Free.
Alliance Celebration Gives 3.575 Banners Weekly

Magic Spire

You can purchase up to 300 banners every day from the Magic Spire.  You must pass floor 5 to access the banners. Easy enough for any main. 

You can purchase up to 300 banners every day from the Magic Spire. You must pass floor 5 to access the banners. Easy enough for any main.
Magic Spire Prestige Banners

Pay to Play

Deals of the Day

You used to be able to acquire these on Saturday; however with the appearance of Dragon Emblems this deal of the day was replaced with emblems.  Since prestige cannot be applied past stronghold 35 the demand for banners has dropped.  I personally managed to get every building to 30 on prestige without spending a dime on banners.


There are two packs you can buy to get banners. The banner pack and the alliance prestige pack. Only the alliance prestige pack will share with your fellow alliance members. Samples of these packs are below.  

9.99 Banner Pack
$9.99 Banner Pack
99.99 Alliance Prestige Pack
$99.99 Alliance Prestige Pack

Each chest can drop 1400 to 1500 banners. 

Prestige Banner Chest Drops
Prestige Banner Chest Drops

If you’re looking to see how many banners you need to upgrade your buildings, check out



I went to Firelands with a group – because one of them wanted to test her stronghold against me.  Suffice to say she is perfectly fine.  She’s worked hard on layers and defenses.  Great player – silently absorbing all the advise others ask for.  Great news is her hospitals can hold all the wounded I gave her so in terms of KVK against someone with my stats she would have zero losses.   @Siren – good job!

Sadly I was distracted with things and I shot no videos of this.  I have the reports but as this is a public site I’m not interested in sharing.  I don’t hide my stats from 207 just those in other kingdoms for KVK purposes.  No advantages!

I’ve done the whole I want to rank thing previously in Firelands and so I’m not interested in soloing that again – with a team for sure.  The last time I attempted to rank I was top 50 – top 20 most of the time – until this guy started hassling me.  Of course then revenge-3 showed up and knocked that guy out.  And knocked me out.  Rampage. No worries.

This Firelands I was more interested in getting all the rewards to add to my banner collection.  So boring.  Shoutout to @Ragnarr – found you!  If I wasn’t porting around scaring friends to death I was scrolling around looking for them.

King of Avalon_2018-03-24-12-48-06.png

Also found a friend from our last KVK matchup – k199.  I ported next to her and sent a one cav march because I couldn’t say hello any other way!  I put a scare into them obviously as they instant recalled.  I had to jump on my k199 account and message them so they didn’t have to worry about me.  I sat next to them for a while cause I was more into the discussion in Discord than anything else.

King of Avalon_2018-03-24-12-07-03.png

The only real attack I did do was at the very end.  There was no time for me to grab fresh tiles before the timer ended and #Bored.  Which reminds me, I really need to fix my pvp formation.  I’ve been 31 over a week and I have yet to adjust my formation for the additional troop capacity.  #Noob

That is okay – I managed to rank decently considering I ported around poking at friends and only gathered the last half to ensure I had enough fossils to get all the tier rewards.  So in all the rank I acquired was surprising and made me wish I’d attempted to rank.

The thing is – you have to port fast to the 3 tiles and snag them quickly at the opening of the event.  As I was there to attack friends upon request for defense purposes this opportunity was lost and tbh I’m not sad.

King of Avalon_2018-03-24-13-01-25.png


I hate the spire.  Love the rewards, hate it otherwise.  I’m always forgetting to go back in and end up wasting so much time.  Lately I’ve been on the prowl for certain people and having a blast attacking my 207 peeps.  By attacking I mean I send a single cav march and review their stats.  Why not? 😀

King of Avalon_2018-03-24-10-27-16.png
King of Avalon_2018-03-24-17-24-51.png
King of Avalon_2018-03-18-22-38-20.png

That is all for now!

♡ 207