Gold Event Woe

Gold Event Woe

Today marked Day One in the Gold Event.  Gathering Stage.

Long story short I have not received the gold in this stage in a long time.  This started shortly after our war against TRW which mean full war 24/7 and five marches out in reins 24/7 to protect my peeps.  This lasted about four months.  They recently quit.

So I only started gathering again in the last few weeks on my main.  I mean that is what farms are for, right?  I don’t even own gathering gear … even on farms.  Regardless when Slak popped the gather boost I dropped a 24 hour boost and went to town.

I did well to start, then the silver mine depleted.  I lost almost an hour there.  Plus there is this thing called work and since I was on vacation last week today was a bit busy.  So here I was 100k points from getting the gold.  I’d intended to instant recall and go back out. Push the points.

That was until I saw this guy unbubbled.  I decided to port instead to break gather.  Why not.

King of Avalon_2018-03-19-19-53-10.png

To make another long story short, let us just say he has a hot temper and takes his rage out on innocents.  He was with BAR for a while but then decided to murder Baby BAR because he was accidently tile hit by one of them.  By murder I mean it was bad.  In his defense, which doesn’t count, he was raging because he was accidently hit by TRW the day before – we were not at war with them yet and KVK allies.

He was promised full reparations.  They started trading to farm almost immediately for Karter – as he was called at the time.  Then his tile was hit and so he hit his own allies.  Yes, so the rss he was getting for being hit by another ended up going to the alliance he murdered.  Smart.

Regardless.  He left and went to LOR.  One of our allies.  He has been there since.  A few KVK ago his hive was cleaning out inactives.  #Boot&Burn.  Karter had left his farm untagged.  Someone in LOR hit it in error.  When it was discovered as such the attacker offered reparations in rss.

This did not satisfy Bam Bam aka Karter.  No.  He took his main and hit the other guy’s main flat out.  Hurt him bad.  Then left for KVK the next day like nothing happened.  Until we found out.  He was booted so fast, him and his farm that he snuck in.  The rss from that plundering went the the person he’d killed.  Used racial slurs as justification.  Yes.  I know.  You don’t have to tell me, tell him.

This was about a month ago, he fell off our radar.  Harmless.  Didn’t have any teeth.  Until he popped into KC a few days ago.  Talking smack.  As usual we don’t feed trolls unless we need amusement.  He attracted a follower, this Lost guy.  Then Bam Bam decided to hit KvK tags!  Now if you’ve seen our alliance board you know we are immune from all attacks.  Who’d want to hit some of the biggest players anyway?  It is mostly for KE – we don’t participate so unless you want to die daily outside KE leave us be.

KvK is not our farms in KVK – those are in KVK.  KvK is a group of people who just want to farm.  They don’t want to war or anything like that.  And they farm good.  So we struck a deal – they give us rss and we protect them.  Our tags are usually more than sufficient but in most cases kingdom nap breakers don’t listen to rules.  Their board is fashioned after ours.

King of Avalon_2018-03-19-22-02-02.png

KE or not hits are not allowed.  I promised to leave Karter alone and let KvK deal with him.  But I did request coords in case they were offline and I wasn’t and he dropped bubble.  So when I saw him unbubbled I messaged them immediately; however they were not available.  Was it really worth the 4k gold to port?  Not really.  But it sends  a message.  Don’t. Fuck. With. Us. Period.

Remember how I said I was trying to get gold in the event? I didn’t bother switching my dragon to brutal or buffing. He has no relevant stats against me. I also haven’t completed my new PVP formation since SH 31 – bigger march cap – so I used my PVE formation. Which has limited infantry. I don’t really care about my miniscule losses tbh.  Mostly a disclaimer that Purls attacked like a noob because she didn’t give a fuck.

Oh, and gold for the gathering stage?  Never happened.  However I did manage to rank 80.

King of Avalon_2018-03-19-20-34-42.png

♡ 207

Invading Kingdoms

Invading Kingdoms

Bad Start

I slept in.  I was quite upset with my wake up call and that my comrades had waited until 45 mins after bubble drop to give me a buzz on Line Chat.  I had been up the day before since 7am and went to sleep around 3am – KVK starting at 6am for me.  I’m up an hour before KVK starts and had planned on a 2 hour nap. Not a good start to invading kingdoms.

I obviously slept through my alarm and I assume GH turned his off in error rather than snooze.  I also missed a few Lines and text messages.  I immediately jumped out of bed and jumped on Discord and logged into my account.

I let my teammates have it.  They decided it was better for me to sleep as I earned it and I wasn’t needed until 45 mins after (true) bubble drop.  That I’d done all the hard planning work and everyone knew what to do.  Except in our first invasion.  NO ONE ported to the right shore and people were just everywhere!

Forgivable sure if I had not sent the roadmap for where people should be, who they should rein or would be reined by, etc. before I took my “nap”.  Really I’d had about 3 hours of sleep and I’m a huge control freak.  Yes, I admit it.  And in our previous 23 KVK events so far I have NEVER been LATE!


I’m over it.  Got over it rather quickly.  Lack of sleep.  I’ve played with these people for almost a year.  Abouts.  All forgiven on all sides as what is a slight grumpiness between friends?

Side note, we ranked #10 overall globally for Alliance Power.  This reset just after KVK started so this is accurate considering others also acquired a lot of power for KVK purposes.  Very proud of our team!  Go 207 ♡

King of Avalon_2018-03-17-11-02-06.png

Conquering K394

So the k394 was uneventful.  I logged into my spy there and reviewed KC and AC.  I have a host alliance who is against the king’s alliance.  Their leader was taking FULL advantage of us in their forest and she went ninja on their people left at home.  They popped their alliance bubble while battling us for the throne.  It was quite hilarious.  @DQ you rock!  Made my morning.

We chatted in Discord for a while and the first few hours flew by.  We did tackle the easier kingdom first because we were also defending k207 at the same time.  This didn’t stop k64 from attempting a reset on k207!  Twice…

Interlude in K199

k199 was part of our last match.  It was fun.  It was not an even match and we did lose our thone the first round.  And the second.  The third we got lucky and took advantage of  the k199 king being indisposed and snagged the throne in the final round of the match.

I left my spy account in k199.  I started in a host alliance against the king; however I soon made friends with him.  We’ve talked a bit after our match ended and I decided to stay in k199.  I joined their alliance and spent this KVK with them as well.  I’m only a SH 11; however I was known for my main account and my KVK experience so when I asked if I could take the South Tower that was currently empty the answer was yes.

So me as 黑玫瑰® – Black Rose ® – took South Tower with my silver dragon and a thousand or so of cavalry.  I won one attack and lost the second.  It was fun and filled in the boredom.

King of Avalon_2018-03-17-09-02-08.png

Playing with K64

We decided we wanted to try and shorten our KVK time investment by conquering k64 with just one and half hours on k207 and two hours on k394.  Great thing is k64 wasted a lot of spell power by putting an antiport on our resetter and sent a mega rally at him.  So he bubbled.  Obviously.  However he could still port so he went back to the k394.

When k207 finished there was a thirty minute gap between k207 going to k64 and those in k394 being able to.  We saved the harder kingdom for last and decided to at least reset them.

First k64 put a mega rally on our resetter; who ported in and out of his spot to break it.  Easy.  Foolish waste of spell power.  Then k64 wasted another antiport spell on our resetter and started a mega rally.

See the thing about being able to break antiport is it generally requires three open kingdoms.  However this does not apply if your home kingdom is already closed and you are spelled in another.   You cannot port home but you can port to the other open kingdom.  There was fifteen minutes left on the k394 throne so he ported there and back to k64.  It was comical.

Their reaction?  To spell us with Angel of Death.  Which only works if you have wounded troops in your personal hospital.  We had none.  Those that did were minimal and even then a whole hour was available to take care of them.  At this point k394 was finishing and so we focused on where our tower people would port because k394 thought flooding would be an effective measure in round two.

Watching Paint Dry in K64

Really, that is what we did.  After our force ported in they did their obligatory scouting and sacrificing troops for the buff.  And we sat for the remaining six hours it was like watching paint dry.  So we made up fun games to entertain ourselves.  Bets.

Example: I have # troops with dragon and they are sending # troops with/out dragon and their research is % times worse than mine.  How many will they wound?  This entertained us the first few hours.

Soon flooders started disappearing.  It was like they came online and said, nope we’re not winning and I’m not bubbling, and ported home.  At this point there was zero action and porting closer to the shore was irrelevant.

When faced with hours of nothing but each other in Discord you come up with all sorts of things to pass the time.  Love my friends ♡  This of course lead to antics in k64 KC by moi fashioned by @Chris.  It was a nice stab followed by nothing as you can see.

Planning KVK 25

The last two hours was spent planning our next round.  We had taken all we learned in this second round combined with round one and started our initial planning since all the people required were already present.  We will of course have a formal meeting early next week to lay it out and discuss positions required.  Then off I’ll go on another KVK tour!

Obviously I cannot disclose these plans here; however these details will be available in my KVK 25 post.  In reality I wrote this post in the last hour – fresh on my mind and nothing better to do.

I honestly wish I had started this blog a year ago.  I thought about it.  Many times.  Better late than never?  You really haven’t missed much.  Just me finding my feet and learning the game and making new friends.

Why am I home as throne ends? Because a free port is a free port and I had 2k troops in a tower not the throne. I went home a minute early as did others. First I had to clear the tents lol. I don’t usually farm during KVK and this is why.

King of Avalon_2018-03-17-19-48-27.png

Until next time!

♡ 207

Happy Birthday Purls!

Happy Birthday Purls!

Today I finally sent out KVK role mails.  I take my job seriously.  It started last week when we laid out the plans for Round 2 vs k394 and k64.  We are typically unified and since we started accepting all troops and stats for KVK the interest has only peaked.  In fact we napped KE last week because we didn’t want to hear the, “I want to do KVK but I still have troops in the alliance hospital”, story.

Monday I started my KVK tour across k207 visiting at least 10 alliances to recruit.  I use Mail All in every alliance to send a canned message – basic plan and roles I need to fill.  This way the replies go to me and not the r5 of the alliance who then has to mail me the details.  Things get lost in translation.  I usually stay anywhere from 2 to 12 hours in each alliance.  Most like to just chit chat and others ask for advice.  It is fun.

I basically interview everyone who responds and ask them for availability – gold for ports to other kingdoms, troop counts, and preference.  99.9% of the time everyone who responds gets a role.  I guarantee it.

Of course I use a spreadsheet!  How else could I possibly review the massive data and organize it logically to ensure everyone gets a role based on their available time to play, troops, and general knowledge of the event?  I use the spreadsheet for mailing templates.  You can copy a row of cells and paste them in game – instant custom message!

It helps people to know exactly what is expected of them.  We usually get a handful of first timers and even people that have participated in the past may have a new role this time around.  Sampling below of actual mails.  It takes several hours to format the data correctly but once that is done it only took me 30 minutes to send 45 mail messages.  Individually.  Makes people feel important when it’s customized.

On to the birthday celebration.  I haven’t yet put together the secret post with videos that talk about some big thing.  If you read my About ♡ Purls page recently you’d know already.  The post is in draft format and it does talk about an early birthday present from GH.

Speaking of, here he is in action.  He knows I dislike being the center of attention.  I also dislike birthdays … so of course he went into KC.  He also blew up Line Chat in every room we share … love the man.


Best. Husband. Ever.  He went out of his way to make me feel special.  I appreciate it as much as I dislike it lol.

Overall a good day.


♡ 207
Gemstone Experience

Gemstone Experience

After much deliberation & with the advice of friends; I opted to replace one of my Attack Valor +6 with an Attack Chivalry +5.

I had done well so far on gems, I was full Valor and Conquest long before Valor + 4 were available.  I’ve spent my fair share of $$ to acquire these beauties and again another fair share to level them.

Initially I wanted to take the massive uptick on stats with Defense or Health.  The logic that stuck with me was – once you have all your Valor +6 you will wish for an Attack Chivalry and regret going Defense or Health.  Plus it isn’t like I’m going to acquire more of these babies – I’m on a budget and share this budget with Gamer Husband (GH).


I ended up with +4.5% on attack stats.  Minimal. But it is only +5.  It’ll be the last one I upgrade to 6.  And my friend was right.  In the end you only get 4 Attack gems and it is far wiser to place your first Chivalry there – always think end game.  @slaknoob

However I did manage to upgrade two more gems to 6, Defense and Health Valor.  +15 to Health and Defense with a +4.5% increase on Attack is favorable when you consider I swapped a Valor +6 out.  I ended up using that +6 to level a +4 – cause I hate wasting XP.  I also had several +4 Valor and other gems/stones laying around and finished another Valor +6.

Which brings us to the second part of this post; how much XP is gained by level of gem or refining stone.  This is not the XP needed to level each gem, just what you when you roll up a Refining Stone, Gem, or Valor into another gem.


There is more news to share; however until the videos are edited patience is required.

No hints … sorry (not).

♡ 207

Stronghold Upgrades

Stronghold Upgrades

This week has seen many stronghold upgrades – I managed to record three.  I like to document things.

First up is Seattle who went to Stronghold 35 this week!  I met him during our last KVK matchup.  It was brutal – for 207 that is.  We managed to grab our throne during the last round due to systems issues.  Being the social online butterfly I am … I reached out and we’ve been chatty since.

That match up was fun though – here are highlights from the first or second round.

Next up is GH – Stronghold 31!

My darling husband and I have gone back and forth on this.  He has had the badges for some time; however I did not.  I was still 494 short when this video was shot; however I upgraded the same night.

We didn’t want to waste speeds so close to KVK in case of losses and we certainly weren’t sure on depleting our food stores.  Our last KVK round depleted my stores by 200 million food.  I have been stockpiling for SH 31 and one account had 170 million still and I had tons of food items on farmers plus 50 million here, 20 million there.  I ended up hitting one of GH farms for 75 million food so that he and I would have equal stores remaining.

Of course my video is much longer because you get a peek as I speed and such.  A side note, before this was taken I had already reset my lord, checked gear, heros, and purchased the relic.  Since KVK needs to retain spell power for KVK I joined a farm alliance to use the construction buff.

The last step was acquiring badges.  Since my birthday two days away GH “forced” to purchase 510 badges as a present.  Side benefit was GOLD.  I spend so much in KVK that I deplete my stores fast.

King of Avalon_2018-03-13-23-13-22.png

The video can speak for itself.  Ignore the Line message.  That was just GH sending me a snip of my Stronghold upgrade in Alliance Help for posterity.  Yes, I yelled at him for sending it while recording … ♡

Making a Farm

Making a Farm

Best Practices for ALL Farms:

  • All farms should have four march slots via VIP 8 and research. Unlock this early.
    • University 6 unlocks March I
    • University 12 unlocks March II
    • University 20 unlocks March III
    • VIP 8 unlocks a march slot.
  • All farms should be stronghold 12 at a minimum; however stronghold 15 or better recommended for wood/metal farms.  The bigger the stronghold the larger your march cap for arss.  ALL my farms are 15+ because you really want to unlock all the rural plots to maximize your farm.
  • All farms should be able to send dragon and full march to arss and farm three 7 tiles or troops for four 7 tiles.
  • Don’t leave partials.  In fact you shouldn’t gather on a new farm until you can send out at least one full march to a 6 or 7 tile.  Until then play with the arss or focus on quests to provide rss for building.
  • Barbs are the best way to level your lord and dragon.  You just one cavalry per march slot – send one to every barb you see and rake in the free xp.  Or do solo barbs with your main.

SELECTING THE RIGHT TROOPS: When making a farm you should select the troops that work best for your situation.  If you are near 7 tiles or a food farmer then siege works best.  If you are far away from 7 metals then cavalry works best.

  • Siege (towers and rams) carry the most but are slow.  These troops are best for food because they carry so much and you make less – which means your troops don’t eat your food.
  • Cavalry carry the least and are fast.  You will have to make more Cavalry than Siege which means you will have a larger upkeep.  Best for wood or metal farms. @Myst – credit where credit is due.
  • Bowman and Infantry are not the fastest nor the slowest but they carry more than Cavalry and less than Siege.  These troops have no place on a farm.
  • All tiers of troops have the same upkeep.
    • Food = t1 for low upkeep; siege for carry or cavalry for march speed.
    • Metal = t5 siege or t5 cavalry.  Whichever floats your boat.  Upkeep is irrelevant on a metal farmer.


FOOD FARM: Food farms should just gather food – nothing else.  Mixing metal (especially silver!) on a food farm is a recipe for disaster.  A food farm should have 10 food and 10 wood resource plots.  The leftover plots can be iron; however you will need to build some silver plots to finish the quest line.  I usually follow the quest and put my plots down as needed for quests.  Then I destroy unwanted items and replace.

WOOD FARM: Build a wood farm the same as you would a food or metal.  That depends on your personal preference.  I don’t build wood farms.  I gather wood on ALL my farms if I need to collect for research.  Usually on the metal farmers because I don’t want food on my main I cannot use.  Some alliances have four farms and wood is one.

METAL/WOOD FARM:  Metal farms just gather iron and silver – sometimes wood.  Any food you produce is wasted unless you have a food farm you can trade excess food to.  A metal farm should have as many iron and silver plots as you can make and 10 wood.  You need food for the quests only.

TENTS VS. HOSPITALS: When you start building you will want to maximize tents.  Once you have the troops you need to gather you will replace those tents with hospitals.  You do not need tents on a fully developed farm.  Your farm should have the maximum hospitals you can for your level.  Your hospital cap should be greater than the number of troops you have on your farm.

RESEARCH: Research is very important.  Max out Economy on a farm.  Unlock march slots early.  I usually get my march slots first on a new farm via Combat 1 before I do anything else.

DRAGON LAIR: Level this up to match your stronghold level.  The higher this building is the less guardian and assault power you use in dragon talents.

New Account Google Binding

New Account Google Binding

Create Google Account from Device

1.0 – Check Existing Account Binding
If you are certain your existing account is bound skip to Step 1.3.

  1. Tap on your picture at the top left.
  2. Tap on the settings gear in the bottom left.
  3. Tap Account.
  4. Tap Account Maintenance to ensure your account is already bound.
  5. If so tap the red x.

1.2 – Bind Existing Account

  1. Tap on your picture at the top left.
  2. Tap on the settings gear in the bottom left.
  3. Tap Account.
  4. Tap Account Maintenance.
  5. Tap bind to Facebook or Gmail and follow prompts.

1.3 Create New Google Account

  1. Tap on your picture at the top left.
  2. Tap on the settings gear in the bottom left.
  3. Tap Account.
  4. Tap Switch Account.
  5. Scroll to bottom and tap Add Account.
  6. If prompted with security type in password or whatever you use to lock your device.
  7. Tap Create new account.
  8. Follow prompts.
  9. Depending on how long you take the game mat restart.

2.0 – Start New Game

  1. Tap on your picture at the top left.
  2. Tap on the settings gear in the bottom left.
  3. Tap Account.
  4. Tap Start New Game.
  5. You cannot bind this new game until you have finished the tutorial!

2.1 – Complete Tutorial 

  1. By default you will be in the same kingdom you currently have other accounts for on the same device.
  2. You can port to any kingdom for free once tutorial is done.
  3. You cannot take control until the tutorial is finished.
  4. You will remain bubbled for five days or until you upgrade to stronghold 6 – whichever comes first.

2.2 – Bind New Account to Google

  1. Once tutorial is complete go to Step 1.2 to bind your new farm to the Google account you created.
  2. Build up your new account (or not) based on the purpose of the new account – spy or farm.