No Kill Event Mercy

No Kill Event Mercy

Kill Event Changes

A new rule was implemented in k207 to ensure we had ample troops for the event. Alliances were required to send 10% of their membership to KVK to be safe on KE. Sometimes a little healthy fear is necessary.  There is no more kill event mercy.  

To some in chaotic war kingdoms this sounds unfair; however we have had peace for a long time and this has made KE peaceful as well. This was intended to allow growth for KVK. Then the alliances started sending less and less each round. This meant the same group of people were rebuilding every event.

We rule fair and abide by the rules we implement. Every decision we make as kingdom leaders is for k207 and not for ourselves. If the opposite were true we would feed our dragons every KE. We had no intent to disable our kingdom if an alliance failed to send the required amount; however examples would be made.

The point being that you send troops for KVK and get a 300% buff to rebuild and k207 shares in the losses or fail to help and lose your troops entirely by those who bleed every KVK. If you enjoy the peace a small sacrifice is required. Or peace will end.

It was a wakeup call and everyone joined together. We received so many people that we had to boot farmers. Our usual size is less than 50 members which is just 7 main accounts and the rest farms. I have not completed the final tally but it is approximately 75 people all in.

KVK 28

We ended up with rank 4 globally and were not disappointed. It did not dissuade k133 from invading which created a 400 million power loss for k207. Instead of this being spread across 10 players it was spread among 50 and was easier to swallow by all.

As you can see sometimes rules are good to have and in the end we still had the troops to keep going and walked away victors. As I write this post, k207 and k277 are done. Only k133 remains and I don’t expect they will be allowed to gain their throne without more heat.

They poked the bears in k207 and k277 and at this point it is a matter of ego and pride. We will never meet them outside spire and firelands and this is the last time we can give them a what-for in KVK and show them that while we may be weaker we have a bigger heart and an amazing team who coordinates every detail.

I do have some amazing footage to share of KVK 27 and 28. If you have not already please subscribe to my YouTube channel. I often post content there that I do not feature on my blog.

I also created a Twitter account with the intent of publishing my day to day thoughts. I love our KOA community and ask if you enjoy my contribution to please follow me on one of the many platforms I use.

♡ 207

Kill Event Inquiry

Kill Event Inquiry

Curious here. I have visited more kingdom’s than I can count … as a KVK spy. You can learn a lot about a kingdom from their KC but not always truth.

I’ve seen how many do KE or war in general. I’ve even joined alliances on my spy…invited. Usually by an alliance against the one who holds the throne. I pick their brains on the kingdom culture and learn what motivates their KVK people. How they think. Do they take risks? Are they fair rulers? I don’t always get lucky to get into such an alliance but it is fun when I do.

It seems you are either peaceful and united or warring. I rarely see one in the middle. People are either bullied or protected. Rule breakers dealt with swiftly regardless of status or ignored because of their status. KE has rules in each kingdom even if they aren’t obeyed.

So my question for you is, “How does your kingdom handle KE?”

Kill Event is Dead

Kill Event is Dead

Previously 207 has napped Kill Event if we were in a favorable match to preserve troops. That was soon replaced with Tent Wars. Wounding troops over killing dead. It was fun and I’ve written of it before.  This time we tried a new idea which involved creating two new alliances. I predicted that it was a useless effort and would only prove to 207 that Kill Event is dead.

The way it works is you register with Necro Angel and she uses a randomizer to assign each one to KE1 or KE2. So you don’t know if you’ll be against allies and friends or forced to work alongside an enemy. I registered to prove a point and perhaps lead some fun harmless raids.

KE1 + KE 2 - (2)

So here I sit in KE2, all by my lonesome.

KE1 + KE 2 - (1)

Against two in KE1. Dude – who lives at KVK with me & Lord Mattrox – who lives at SKy. So I fought them both. Kinda. I sent out farmers to tiles near me and also some troops in the fort. They know I have t10 and I said by all means – go for it. So Mattrox did. Sadly I was too slow on record lol, but you can see the aftermath here.

I also refuse to bubble. What are they going to do, rally me? If if they did my troops would have them for dinner. If I’m able to withstand a direct hit from someone with much higher stats than me and suffer mimimal losses due to my hospital capacity – what is someone with lower stats going to do? #Nothing

Likewise I doubt anyone would hit my castle direct. Not only because it is a deathwish but as Dude kindly reminded someone in KC tonight – I’m one of the most loved in 207 and the king’s second. And the unofficial official mod lol.

Doesn’t mean we didn’t have some fun!

♡ 207

My Kill Event Excitement

My Kill Event Excitement

So there I was, minding my own business. I wasn’t even logged in and was #PlayingAnotherGame when I got a notification from King of Avalon.

You are being scouted by [Bad] Player#20719f8329e.

Serious? Certainly not. I knew that before I logged in. But I had to know wtf was going on. I give people permission to scout all the time, I don’t have a reason to hide my troop count. Anyone who understands simple math can figure that out quickly. It isn’t hard. You just have to know baseline sh power, estimated research, and gear/gems. Most is acquired when being scouted or attacked. Then based on sh level you can math the max # of top tier troops they can have and estimate actual from there.

It was just an annoyance and because it was unusual behavior lead me to believe it was someone who knew me from another kingdom. If they were friendly I’m sure a response to my mail would have occurred. As of me writing this post none has occurred. There is always a reason and I’m curious by nature.

I ended up mailing their r4 – it is just a micro alliance. And scouted a few times. I may have moved to port and decided meh. Cause I haven’t had any reason to attack in a while lol and it was tempting. Not tempting enough and I wasn’t interested in anyone else they had in the alliance. I thought about burning them with single cavalry attacks but let it be.

Perhaps because I’m first on the relic list? The world may never know…

I had a video of it, still do actually. Just not happy with the edits or the video itself. So you don’t get any visual goodies today. However there is a lovely video from KVK 25 that I still need to edit and share. It’s a gem.

♡ 207

Mega Versus Mega

Mega Versus Mega

There was a lot of fun to be had this final round with k64 and k394.  Most of the fun was in the beginning, after our throne was secure.  We’d intended to take k394 along with defending 207; however we didn’t have as much man power this round due to the holidays and some people had other obligations they couldn’t get out of … such as work & Easter.

This post is all about the final round of this KVK match-up.  You’ll see more YouTube coverage of the first half than anything else.  207 does not give up without a fight and we are not scared to lose troops.  Not if it means we win.  Personally I lost only 20 million power this KVK.  8% of my power.  About 90 million food to rebuild.  Or in Purls terms, 3 days of food farming.


It was the last round of an even match up and thus far we’d taken limited losses.  In the second round I lost less than 6k power.  Win.  But since this was an easy/equal match an impossible match will likely follow.  So we decided to have a little fun before potentially taking a vacation for the next two months.

Because the 25th KVK round marks an “anniversary” of a sorts; let’s provide some statistics:

  • We’ve lost our throne only 6 times and never lost all three rounds of any match.
  • We’ve conquered all kingdoms every round in 3 separate matchups.  9 rounds total.
  • We’ve won every other defense of home.  A total of 10 rounds.  You can’t always conquer but you can defend.

So our win percentage is 76%.  And we’ve always had the same king.


– inside joke

Defending k207 and Invading k394

So we started in 207 of course because why you wouldn’t secure your home throne before invading…

Over the six weeks we were “at war” with k64 and k394 I maintained contact with several people in each.  Some would scout or attack my towers during the event and we’d swap friendly PMs.  If you’re ever in KVK with me – I’ll accept your contact if you’ll be pleasant.

One such person is DarkQueen.  You may have seen a shoutout to her in my KVK 24 post @DQ.  Her kingdom was a mess when we started our invasion the first round.  My spy joined her alliance as they were not aligned with the king.  Long story short they had a bully that collected tax of resources every week – per stronghold in an alliance.  They were a divided mess.  Not unusual.

They managed to pull together in the last round and I was happy to see it.  It’s a game and war is war and friends are friends.  The bully is gone and they are more united as a result.  I wish them the best in their future KVK rounds.  I will be watching you.

She got me good.  I even saw the speed but as usual you click in just the wrong spot and you’re delayed and boom.  Losses.  No worries.  I should have worried less about the spam attacks and scouts which are important when you’re like me and don’t want to be speed hit on your castle.


Our goal was to start with k394 to start.  Same drill as last time.  First slak reset k64 and we started our invasion!  We held it down a bit but soon discovered that due to unfortunate circumstances me and Dew (GH) in the forest alone with an absent king on a mega garrisoned throne and only three towers manned by online peeps and we managed it for several hours.

So when they started taking towers we couldn’t reset we had to reevaluate.  People have real lives and believe me when I say that Slak, Dew, and I have soloed plenty of invasions – in terms of being the only ones online.  Trying to stay awake.


So we withdrew from k394 and waited until 207 was secure – or just abouts.  Doesn’t matter to us.  The longer we make the other kingdoms wait the more attrition affects them.  Doesn’t affect us.  The Core Team ensures their availability the entire KVK weekend.  If we must step away it is discussed ahead of time and worked into the plans.  We went into this one knowing that we may be able to take two at once; however if one at a time was required we were prepared.

So when our fearless king returned he went to play with towers in k64.  Because both kingdoms had mega garrisoned we had set up plans to mega rally both – one after the other.  Dewand I joined slak in firing on their throne.  Three towers firing every four minutes.  It vaporizes 1% of the power in the throne equally among all reinforcers per tower hit.

We were going to mega them anyways so we added a little insult to injury.  We didn’t put ourselves in harm’s way, just let them hit us with all sorts of spells that were soon realized as wasted.

FYI Defending Kingdoms – Don’t Waste Spell Power:

  • Angel of Death only affects wounded troops and only a stupid KVK team doesn’t heal after each loss.  #Waste
  • Doom Flame can be ported out of.  We were going to port to k394 anyways before it ticked off.  #Waste
  • Antiport does not work if the other kingdom we’re invading is open.  We can’t port home or anywhere in the kingdom we were frozen in, but we can port directly to k394 which is where we were heading anyway.  #Waste

Mega Rally vs. Mega Garrison x 2

Resetting k64 and k394

Some important points – we weren’t thinking when we all popped life preserver.  Don’t do this.  Only the rally leader needs to because mega means you get the leader’s stats – which includes this talent.  #Duh  we realized this seconds after we popped it

Really that was the action.  k394 kept the scouts, attacks, rallies and such going for a few hours and then it tapered and stopped.  The last six hours was boring.


We decided that because we had to do one at a time that we’d take a breather and sleep.  The Core Team is in different time zones and we decided to invade k64 ten hours after we wrapped up k394.  Of course they were reset strategically to allow for extra time.  They’d taken a lot of losses and while they still had troops it wasn’t enough to be a threat.

We hoped for some excitement and got it.  They lasted longer than k394.  I apparently attracted most of the nonsense attacking.  Someone let their farm’s bubble fall and I took them out – this person’s main was devoted to my tower the rest of the invasion.

Every chance they got they took.  Several towers were taken by @Evil Hellcat and @KALLE … and their farms were marching behind them.  Of course it was just Dew, Dude, and myself all alone playing with towers at this time.  I had to give our muscle a buzz – as prearranged.

Of course after that it was over.  In fact Game mega garrisoned the throne and slak took over North and East Tower and I took over South and West.  Game wasn’t available and they weren’t going to shake his garrison – we had enough people online to stack it if necessary.  Better to have tower teams online.  Since k64 had given up at that point it was just a matter of staying entertained.

Scrubalotimus was back as promised!  However our Unicorn Police followed him to k64 and ported him out of the forest before he reset the throne.  It was comical.  We have fun and things like this aren’t something you see everyday.  k64 I hope you enjoyed the show.

And that is it.  Another KVK done.

♡ 207

About 207

About 207

You have to understand that 207 is like a family.  We’ve had our ups and downs.  War and plunder.  But we’ve had really good times too.  So much history that I never documented.  It is like one of those series that never ends.  Full of drama and action.  Friendship and hatred.  It has all died down now, for the most part.

We’ve had our fair share of wars.  Wars over dominating and keeping the throne.  Wars over rulebreakers.  We’ve also had a lot of peace.  Goal is to maintain peace so that those who want to do KVK don’t have to worry about KE and those who want to do KE can do just that and those that want to be farmers can just be farmers.

KoA it is NOT a war game.  It is called King of Avalon NOT Avalon Wars.  It is a kingdom and as such we are like houses and there is a ruling house and houses that support the ruling house and others that don’t.  Even if you don’t agree with this statement you have to agree that in War you have warriors, farmers, blacksmiths, cooks, etc.  so by default no matter how you look at it this is not a war game.  It is a game that has war.

You also have to agree that not everyone plays games the same way – I mean it is a game.  It is about entertainment value.  As such you cannot force your way of playing on others – just as you wouldn’t want them to force it upon you.

In 207, slaughtering innocents for KE points is done.  That is mutually agreed upon.  We are not against KE – we are against a 30 going after a 21 and zeroing them because that person happens to have a real life and omg their kid is sick and so they forgot to get on and bubble.  So the time they put into the game the past year is gone – I don’t care what you think about free players but know they exist and have just as much of a right to play the game as you.

So we have BAR – Blood and Rage.  #1 alliance and ruling alliance.  However I don’t live at BAR anymore and neither does the king.  We live at KVK – Kingdom 207 but are still very much BAR.  Once upon a time everyone would join BAR for the throne event and we had to drop people every two weeks to make room  It was getting out of hand.  So we converted a farm alliance to be the new BAR – set it all up overnight undercover to prevent people from porting.  Then asked everyone to drop from old BAR to new BAR and port.  Old BAR is now KVK.  Plenty of room for people to join!

So for BAR leadership we have slaktarn, Callum, Gamealotimus, Necro Angel, Dew Hefner, and myself Purls.  We have two allies that we bounce ideas off of – DMW and LOR.  As a collective group we manage the kingdom as a team.   We each have different skill sets and as such our roles are based upon that.  Everyone has a part to play.

We also have WoA, SKy, and ImB that provide a lot of help. There are others that come and go and we don’t force participation but those that do and make a point to go above and beyond get rewarded. Especially if we take all three Thrones; that just means extra chests to distribute.

Titles are distributed to those who ask. My default is Spirituality. I love it. It’s never asked for by anyone else so I get to keep it for 2 weeks after KVK. It comes in handy for troops and the March speed goes well with my Relic.

Overall 207 is a great Kingdom and I’m very happy that it was where I landed when I first started just over a year ago. I’ve met a lot of great people and we have a lot of fun playing the game together.

♡ 207

Kingdom Peace

Kingdom Peace

Forgive me. It has been a busy week. Might have something to do with being on vacation holiday last week. Perhaps. Likely. So this will be long. Don’t complain. I gave you three days off.

So this week was eventful in game; however I’m not gossip nor am I interested in putting people’s business out there. So any screenshots I share of 207 will have names and pictures cropped out. Unless I have permission. Or it is publically obtainable data – such as profiles and leaderboards.

It is no secret that I have been working towards Kingdom Peace for months now. I stopped participating in Kill Event on December 2, 2017. That is the day we started a war with TRW. No need to get in the details, too bad I wasn’t blogging back then. Old history and no real reason to rehash it.

Anyways before that date I wasn’t an aggressor but a protector. When I accepted KVK tags it was a big deal. I don’t remember the exact date and I’ve long since purged the mail I saved to mark the occasion. Even though that was months ago it is still a big deal to be accepted as a core member. You pretty much have to prove yourself as a KVK player by being there and participating.

King of Avalon_2018-03-23-23-14-47.png

Our board is pretty simple. KVK tags do not participate in KE. We are neutral in that and if our tags are attacked we will strike with a vengeance whenever is most convenient – and least expected. Most of us have stats, if not we’re actively acquiring them. We also live for KVK and that is our sole focus. As such killing our kingdom is counterproductive. It takes a team to conquer other thrones and if you kill all the kingdom troops you’re lucky to keep your own.

It was so much senseless slaughter. I stopped wanting to kill. People had been quitting left and right for months. Players that had built up power slowly since the kingdom opened – gone in an instant. Not players that had the means or knowledge to speed it back. We lost a lot of good people who had a real life and forgot to refresh a bubble.

The aggressors were having a ball. GH was an offender. To this day I’ll never understand a person attacking a stronghold half their size with a quarter of the stats – over and over and over again. For kills. For leaderboards. What happened to honor and fair fights?

So I started planting seeds. It wasn’t just my idea and I won’t take credit for that; however as most INFJ’s I am very persistent and passionate about causes I take to heart and as such this was something I fought for. The resistance was less. You just have to find the right words to use when discussing it so that people understand.

I also pushed KVK. Heavy. This is when I started my KVK Tour. Visiting allies to recruit for the upcoming event. Then more than allies – other alliances that wanted to participate. These days I join more every event and I don’t even need to mail an r4. I just apply to every alliance I haven’t visited yet and wait for one to take me in. Since they are all contacts anyways I have a guess on who is on or not.

The contacts are because I started a Kingdom Mailing List. The r5/4 of alliances that help in KVK. At the moment I have 41 contacts; however 9 are in other kingdoms. It’s easier to send mail by tapping down my contact list than down the leaderboard list. I share news on the upcoming event and these days just general kingdom news.

We had 55 people join us for our last KVK. And they had fun. Previously KVKs saw a lot of people join; however it has only been the last few that we’ve pushed for everyone interested. Any stats and any troops – that is what I put in my Mail All when I join each alliance. We just want people who want to participate.

I’ll find a role for them. Even if all they have are t1. You never know. It was not like this previously. I was also not in charge of the entire event prior to starting my tours.

Unintentionally we’d always recruited t8 and up. This left out a lot of people. We also relied on the r5s to communicate who was coming and what troops. I decided one point person was necessary and the Purls KVK Tour was born.

Dropping tags every two weeks sucks. I miss out on a lot, such as Portal and Fallen Knights. I do use that time to clean my farms since they are also tagged for KVK. I also have a blast in KC with my various tags of the moment. I post there intentionally to show – it isn’t the tags you wear but the person behind them. It isn’t a drag to drop anymore. I look forward to it. I get to visit all my friends.

And those seeds that I’ve been planting for months? They are blooming. And spreading seeds of their own. We’ve napped KE before – by continuing the Kingdom NAP that is in effect otherwise. The first was as a Holiday NAP – so people could spend time with their families. This wasn’t kingdom-wide and the message was that BAR and BAR Allies would not attack for KE – or be attacked because we can do that.

However this week marks the second KE in a row we’ve enforced a Kingdom NAP for. The first instance was KVK related. The second, well it has been request by many. I guess people do like to farm and grow. We’re all friends and we want to continue being friends. How you can not after a year together is beyond me.

We’re over 24 hours in on this second one and zero incidents. There were a few minor mishaps on the last one – mains on farms that weren’t notified and another who just doesn’t pay attention. There have been complaints; however this time it isn’t just me pushing peace. It is others I’ve converted to the cause. Not because we don’t want to kill but we don’t see the purpose of slaughtering our own kingdom.

In fact kingdom leadership has been informed of future KE options to discuss among their people. Just ideas to have fun, get the gold, and not murder innocents. Honestly after this KE I don’t know that we’ll need two of them. The tent wars seems to work just fine.

Tent Wars. This happens in KC. Someone lays out a tent and posts coords. They advise of the # of troops inside and the # of troops others should send.

And that is how we roll. Since it is the first time 207 has done this the response has been well received. A few grumbles here and there; mostly from people who have no business going out and attacking tbh. The same people who whine when they get reined against or attacked. To each their own. I’m just trying to lead by example and hope it catches on!

The other two ideas were; however they have more admin requirements than simple tent wars.  I’d prefer we NOT; however if it is required for the kingdom to succeed I will happily take on the burden.  I’ll have help.  We have a great leadership team.

  1. Each alliance polls itself internally and majority vote determines if they are a KE or KVK alliance. If you are in a KVK alliance you cannot participate in KE with their tags. You must drop and join a KE alliance and remain all three days. Only KE alliances can participate and attack each only only.
  2. Create/repurpose two alliances and they are used for KE only. Those who wish to participate in KE would mail their intent and all participates would be mailed an alliance assignment – via random number generation. So who ends up in these two alliances is based on chance. So what if you’re against allies – you don’t have to hit them. This also means farms are off-limits and only the people who want to participate in KE do.

Time will tell!