Vacation from Social Media

Vacation from Social Media

I’m taking a vacation. Not the kind you’re thinking of. I’m still going to work every day and if anything putting in more hours.  No I’m taking a vacation from social media. It started last week. On day 9 and I think tomorrow will be my last vacay day. Maybe.

What does this mean? It means I took a break from editing YouTube videos. Even filming for them. I did some blogging but it wasn’t a chore. It was fun and refreshing.

Really I needed to step back and evaluate what I’m doing. My brand has always been Purls HQ the gamer. But I’m so much more. I expanded my blog to include the wife and workaholic. It is a thin line for me because I’m careful to keep personal offline.

Really the blog is where I can ramble. It is somewhat anonymous. My real identity is hidden and most people don’t even know my first name. Its Christine if you were wondering.

I’ve been hyper focused on work and perhaps that’s why the vacation. KVK is cancelled for another month so I don’t have much to plan or do in game outside farming. Conquest starts in a few days and there is that. I went to BAR as they have never done conquest. Any version. So we brought some big guns to help out and wrangle ore while everyone else defends.

Maybe I’ll con some people to join discord and we’ll have some good old fashioned fighting fun. The alliance is pushing 6 billion power and that is after people dropped to exclude themselves from the event. We expect some beasts.

Good chance for me to test myself. I have accomplished all but my sh 32 goal so far and I still have a month for that. I have more to do for boosts but at least I have the gear and gems and can work on enhancing and leveling them. I have centered my focus on heros and banners.

Heros have been an item I set aside for a long time. It was a part of my plan to focus on them once banners and gear was set. The new hero and even more coming means I picked a great time for this focus. I got Isobel to 4 stars so March cap is done. I replaced Balin with Grifflet and he is almost 4 stars. Grifflet worked better for me on boosts and using blue over purple can be advantageous.

Banners were put on hold for deathseeker and I’m focused on them again. Easy with spire loot and the spirit store and passive banners that just collect. Goal is to max my buildings on 30 prestige and then upgrade them to 31 and max that with banners. Maybe before our next match? Gives me a month and who knows what the anniversary even has on store…

Long Term Goals

Long Term Goals

So today was productive. I promise you I’m just as surprised at today’s achievements as you will be. Many were long term goals I set months ago. They have been a long time coming and I’m feeling both a little dazed and proud. 100% #Gamer post.

As many of you know if you follow me (if you don’t you should) our KVK was “cancelled” and we have replaced it with a vacation and growth.  We all set goals to achieve before our next match up and in this post I’ve achieved all but the final – stronghold 32.  But the items I completed today set me up for this upgrade.

Deathseeker Set Complete

It all started as I logged in and tallied my Deathseeker helm cost. I had 1.5 mats. I shopped the fair as I often do for bargains. First remember that each special mat for Deathseeker costs 64k gold. I had 140k gold at the start of this journey.

1 – Had $10 left on GP card. It was a $50 card but I used $40 on two Ice Lord packs yesterday. I bought a 3rd today and charged the $10 to my card (opps). Two mats down, two to go

2 – Warmonger Helm gives a Dragon Bone and Dragon Hide special mat. So 128k value that I acquired for 106k in the Merchant Fair. So I forged my final Deathseeker piece.

Deathseeker Set +1

Last night I paid 5k gold to enhance my fifth Deathseeker to +1. All that was left was the new helm. 8k gold later that was also done. Essence is a bitch to acquire without $$.

Total Cost = 115k gold
Feeling = Priceless

Attack Chivalry Maxed

I acquired this beauty mid-March and have been dumping all free stones and gems into it every since. I finally passed the half way mark and soon completed three quarters. I was done being patient.

I traded in Animal Hide, Cerussite, Pine, and Bronze for spirit coins and bought five level 5 refining stones.

Result = Max Gem Attack
Feeling = Euphoric

Buildings to Level 30

I don’t even know how this happened. I did the first few without the hammer relic. Then bought it because I wasn’t stopping. My Storehouse started at 28. My Trading Post at 25. I also brought my Wishing Well from 25 to 30.

Then I started the 9 day 4 hour build in my wall. Stronghold 32 is pending badges.

I can now get all my buildings to prestige 30.

Cost = 28m Silver + 70m Iron + 125m Wood
Feeling = Can’t believe I did that

So I logged off. Before I did something insane. It is safer for everyone this way.