KOA Video Contest

KOA Video Contest

This contest made me and those in k207 very happy because I’ve been documenting KVK for some time and it will pay off with a hero for not only me but those I’ve captured. Enter the KOA Video Contest.  

I let everyone know that they are welcome to use those I’ve previously uploaded or if they want an unbranded clip to be uploaded that I’d be happy to re-edit one for them.  It is a bit of a time investment from me; however they are like family and we help each other.  Plus I’m hosting it so by default it may attract views and subscribers.  However I’m happy to email the files off or provide a download link if a user wishes to host it themselves.  Many don’t want to fuss with YouTube so it is a win-win!

I’ve titled every video for KOA Contest so it is apparent what the video is for.  It is a mix of older and newer content.  Most of it is unbranded because this isn’t about me but them.  In some – mostly older clips – my dashboard is present which ruins some of the effect.

I’ve learned a bit as I’ve published to YouTube and most important is a good video to edit.  This means uninterrupted by chat and mail and misc things we do when we play and aren’t always conscious of.   I also try to keep my dashboard off screen and even developed a branding that hides the chat box – because sometimes what we say detracts from the video.  If not I bring it up and give a showing of alliance chat as needed.

Music is most important and sometimes that can take the longest.  You have to find the right beat and sound and the music should punctuate what is on the screen.   I sometimes watch a video several times before I find the right music.  In fact I usually have to watch a clip five or more times during just the editing process.  I take out things like chat and loading screens and content that just isn’t vital to the subject.  One of my trademarks is speed – I’ll super speed a section rather than cut it out – and slow it down just before the boom.  So a three minute video may have been an hour long – which means I spent at least three to five hours editing just for that one clip.

It’s fun and as I learn more and more about the editor I use I’m able to really show my creativity.  If you watch my YouTube from oldest to newest you’ll see what I mean.

The next step is to provide voice – either as said while recording or a later voice-over.  I’ve already started playing with that.  Testing how it affects subs and likes and such.  While I do publish this for myself it is important that it is something others like to watch or else why make it public.

I’m always interested in what people think and I engage anyone who comments.  So don’t be shy, let me know if you like or dislike.  Just don’t be rude and malicious – that isn’t constructive feedback just trolling.  Trolls don’t get approved comments.

Below is the playlist for this effort.  Some have already been published and others are brand new never seen before content.  Bookmark this playlist or better yet – subscribe!

No Kill Event Mercy

No Kill Event Mercy

Kill Event Changes

A new rule was implemented in k207 to ensure we had ample troops for the event. Alliances were required to send 10% of their membership to KVK to be safe on KE. Sometimes a little healthy fear is necessary.  There is no more kill event mercy.  

To some in chaotic war kingdoms this sounds unfair; however we have had peace for a long time and this has made KE peaceful as well. This was intended to allow growth for KVK. Then the alliances started sending less and less each round. This meant the same group of people were rebuilding every event.

We rule fair and abide by the rules we implement. Every decision we make as kingdom leaders is for k207 and not for ourselves. If the opposite were true we would feed our dragons every KE. We had no intent to disable our kingdom if an alliance failed to send the required amount; however examples would be made.

The point being that you send troops for KVK and get a 300% buff to rebuild and k207 shares in the losses or fail to help and lose your troops entirely by those who bleed every KVK. If you enjoy the peace a small sacrifice is required. Or peace will end.

It was a wakeup call and everyone joined together. We received so many people that we had to boot farmers. Our usual size is less than 50 members which is just 7 main accounts and the rest farms. I have not completed the final tally but it is approximately 75 people all in.

KVK 28

We ended up with rank 4 globally and were not disappointed. It did not dissuade k133 from invading which created a 400 million power loss for k207. Instead of this being spread across 10 players it was spread among 50 and was easier to swallow by all.

As you can see sometimes rules are good to have and in the end we still had the troops to keep going and walked away victors. As I write this post, k207 and k277 are done. Only k133 remains and I don’t expect they will be allowed to gain their throne without more heat.

They poked the bears in k207 and k277 and at this point it is a matter of ego and pride. We will never meet them outside spire and firelands and this is the last time we can give them a what-for in KVK and show them that while we may be weaker we have a bigger heart and an amazing team who coordinates every detail.

I do have some amazing footage to share of KVK 27 and 28. If you have not already please subscribe to my YouTube channel. I often post content there that I do not feature on my blog.

I also created a Twitter account with the intent of publishing my day to day thoughts. I love our KOA community and ask if you enjoy my contribution to please follow me on one of the many platforms I use.





♡ 207

Tower Hockey

Tower Hockey


Sometimes there are things I cannot share because it may affect the rest of a match in KVK in unfavorable ways.

We were matched with k133 and k277 for KVK 26 – 28. Both proper beasts in comparison to k207. It was our hard/impossible match. Usually we lose 2 out of 3 defenses on these match ups. This time we are proud that we defended our kingdom and won the throne all three rounds. It is expected that our next match will be easy/equal. These are our invasion rounds and quite fun.

The untold truth of this match is that we allied with k277 in KVK 26. When Moe, Larry, Curly, and Shemp aka Rider, Sampson, Tornado, and Wood in k133 invaded k207 early on we gave them a fight. Then they left us, slightly wounded, and invaded k277. I immediately added k277’s strongest, Guardian, as a contact and we exchanged quick hellos.

Then he asked if we could ally. We created a room in game and in Line. It was great. K277 has a similar culture to us and out of the three kingdoms were the bigger beast – imo – this matchup. You don’t turn down that type of alliance in KVK after being manhandled by the other kingdom.

Guardian of k277 proves the point I’ve tried to make to others and slaughtered k133.

Stats > SH

It was amusing to see a sh32 murder sh35’s. He is now sh33 and as others should, he maxes out before upgrading a stronghold. He is also a decent guy and we had a lot of fun together.

KVK 27

Guardian was not on the k277 throne when KVK started. It seemed another alliance was given a chance to see what KVK was all about. We were told by Guardian that his 277 alliance which held the kingdom would not interfere with our fun in their kingdom. Were given two hours to invade for some Dragon xp before he would start their throne timer for defense.

The issue we faced was we didn’t have sufficient troops to stack everything and invade. We did not want to leave ourselves open to attacks from k133 but also wanted to have a little fun.

We sent Unicorn Police, Unicorn Porn, Cunning Stunt, and Scrubalotimus to take towers. These are just farms of our core KVK group and they often provide comedic fun to our invasions. Due to technical difficulties I only captured Scrub.

Then Game decided that he’d port over to lead a mega rally and brought his farm KK to join. I was unable to join on Purls as I was defending k207; however I sent my alt sh26 H.Q. Dew was not in a building and neither was another core player The Dude. Dew brought his alt NomNom as well.

Game started with a solo hit and that did not end well. We knew the stats but were distracted and it didn’t register until the hit was done. Just one of those things.

In the end, we had some fun and still managed to keep k207 secure. After defending we visited k133 with Guardian and played tower hockey for some time. Because we could. Because they messed with us first. They failed to do their research and lacked the experience required to lead a successful invasion. I hope they learned lessons this KVK and wish them the best on future matches.

♡ 207

Dragon Spirit Floor 35

Dragon Spirit Floor 35

Yup, so it is possible to skip Blue gear. Of course you need to have some research and runestones leveled first!  I made it to Dragon Spirit Floor 35 with green gear!

I’ll forewarn that you can’t miss the guardian on Floor 34…if you go the wrong way and fight you may not have the health to beat it.

I’ve gone from Green to Purple gear twice and plan on repeating this with all my farms. Then they unlock 41 and from there I can plunder from floor 21 everytime and fill my bags.

Once I have sufficient coins I buy and level my runestones before attempting Floor 55. It’s easy if you stage it out. Especially if you are doing all of your farms at the same time.

Research and Runestones Used to unlock Floor 35:

Dragon Spirit Resources

Dragon Spirit Resources

Guide with Pictures Posted Here

But do read This posT in full. You will need To understand The basics i detailed. Just ignore the runestone and research requirements.

The Dragon Labyrinth is a great resource generator. So much so that you can get more rss per day in the lab than you can gather in a day on any farm with minimal effort. Guaranteed.

There are some requirements. However any farm can get there in a month or less. It depends on speedups and coins you may have stocked for the Undead Trader plus steel reserves.

  1. VIP 5
  2. University 15
  3. Floor 55 in Labyrinth
  4. Dragon Spirit level 35


Adds 5% cooldown reduction to the labyrinth. This is important because the goal is 36 hours. By default the labyrinth cooldown is 48 hours. You can use 30 minute items if you don’t buy a monthly VIP activation.

If you are savvy you can start the lab timer and when it’s less than 30 minutes, activate VIP and then do your plunder. Done right you can use the activated VIP to plunder again because the lab will finish it’s cooldown before your VIP ends.


Level 15 is required to maximize your satchel capacity. You should research capacity to 15 and cooldown to 5. This ensures you have enough capacity to plunder all the coins you need to buy resources daily and 5% more to the cooldown.

You also want to research Health, Defense, and Potion Effect to 6 at a minimum. This will make it easier to unlock floor 55. You can also add some research to Health Potion and Attack if you wish.

Spirit Talents

You want to go Knight; however for capacity reasons you should put 10 points in Berserker and Mage to gain 10 x 25 or 250 satchel capacity in addition to the 5 x 25 under Knight. In total this is 15 x 25 or 375 in total capacity which is the recommended amount in this guide.

Additional points can be put in Knight favoring Defense and Health. You don’t need the extra Satchel Capacity and can skip that path entirely.

Dragon Spirit Gear

You want full Knight gear. Each time you unlock the next gear color forge it immediately. Do not enhance as it is a waste of coins.

It is better to dismantle your existing gear before making new to reuse materials. You may need additional materials to go up in gear quality so have extra coins handy.

  • Green – Floor 15
  • Blue – Floor 25
  • Purple – Floor 35
  • Gold – Floor 45

To forge Gold gear you need a total of 70,199 steel and 1,400 of each material. You can buy the required materials as you go or stockpile them once you have the coins to purchase. You need 1,995 coins to purchase the materials.

Steel is not available in the Undead Trader. You can try Spire or Trial coins if you have them. Otherwise on a fresh account you’re limited to the Wishing Well, Packs, and Daily Goods Exchange quotas.  

Dragon Spirit Runestones

Runestone leveling is priority one as you will find it more difficult to progress without them. 
To unlock Floor 55 you will need to level those gemstones and have unenhanced Gold gear.

  • Defense – 2 runestones to level 1 (if wanted)
  • Health – all 4 runestones to level 4
  • Attack – 2 runestones to level 4


I have created a spreadsheet to help you. You can find this by going to the Spreadsheet menu item. A video will be posted on how to use this sheet. It is only Version 1 and will be further enhanced as necessary. This version is sufficient to get anyone started on massive resources.

Special Shoutout to @Christof for convincing Dew and I to use the lab for resources.  Your advice was valuable to this post and my own sanity.

♡ 207

Adding Voice to YouTube

Adding Voice to YouTube

So I have what I hope will be well received news by my followers. Whether you follow my blog, YouTube, or Facebook you count.

I have some videos from 207 KVK 25 with sound. What sound you ask? My voice! I’ve pondered this and asked others for their opinions. This is not a voiceover. This is my side of Discord during KVK.

So you won’t hear the others. Unless they were loud. But you’ll hear my one sided conversation of the action and what we were chatting about at the time.

I’d really like to record all of us and have previously gained permission for this from my teammates. So stay tuned for that fun! We are a rowdy bunch and have a blast.

Why this post? Because I’ve pondered this as I said for a while and I’m asking for your opinion. I mean KVK 25 was a month ago as we are approaching KVK 27 in a few days and I have yet to post any of those videos with my voice.

So. Drop a comment here, on YouTube, or on Facebook! No official poll and I’ll use the comments to make a final decision.

♡ 207

Kill Event is Dead

Kill Event is Dead

Previously 207 has napped Kill Event if we were in a favorable match to preserve troops. That was soon replaced with Tent Wars. Wounding troops over killing dead. It was fun and I’ve written of it before.  This time we tried a new idea which involved creating two new alliances. I predicted that it was a useless effort and would only prove to 207 that Kill Event is dead.

The way it works is you register with Necro Angel and she uses a randomizer to assign each one to KE1 or KE2. So you don’t know if you’ll be against allies and friends or forced to work alongside an enemy. I registered to prove a point and perhaps lead some fun harmless raids.

KE1 + KE 2 - (2)

So here I sit in KE2, all by my lonesome.

KE1 + KE 2 - (1)

Against two in KE1. Dude – who lives at KVK with me & Lord Mattrox – who lives at SKy. So I fought them both. Kinda. I sent out farmers to tiles near me and also some troops in the fort. They know I have t10 and I said by all means – go for it. So Mattrox did. Sadly I was too slow on record lol, but you can see the aftermath here.

I also refuse to bubble. What are they going to do, rally me? If if they did my troops would have them for dinner. If I’m able to withstand a direct hit from someone with much higher stats than me and suffer mimimal losses due to my hospital capacity – what is someone with lower stats going to do? #Nothing

Likewise I doubt anyone would hit my castle direct. Not only because it is a deathwish but as Dude kindly reminded someone in KC tonight – I’m one of the most loved in 207 and the king’s second. And the unofficial official mod lol.

Doesn’t mean we didn’t have some fun!

♡ 207

KVK Mistakes – Lesson One + Lesson Two

KVK Mistakes – Lesson One + Lesson Two


So this KVK round was disappointing but not in the way you’d imagine. I’ve been playing with various encoder setups because the Android Game Tools only lets you record to internal memory. This means I get maybe 4 hours of video and it kills my phone.

So I tried one called AZ Screen Recorder. I downloaded it just before KVK because real life had been busy. It had good reviews and my first tests were great… it allowed me to steam to YouTube privately and that video was saved on YouTube not my phone. For future editing.

Perhaps I had the settings wrong because the quality was shameful on the action I did capture. It is the action I missed that is more upsetting. It stopped recording all by itself after an hour.

So I tapped record again and this time 2 minutes. I checked my internal storage… nope it’s not taking space on my phone. That was the original thought. No time restrictions were active.

So in a nutshell I did not get any of the good stuff on camera and what I did get is so poor that I don’t think anything is salvageable. That’s okay. Lesson learned.

So no decent YouTube action for this KVK; however there is a gem from Round 25 you may enjoy. I’ll write another post when that is ready.

Back to KVK

Since KoA is fond of rotating between easy/equal matches to hard/impossible matches we knew that conquering this time may be off the list. No worries. We like our weekends too.

I created my spies and ventured into the unknown. We review leaderboards in each kingdom. Lord, dragon, power, stronghold; and evaluate from there. Rarely in a new hard match do we attempt to poke the bear.

All was calm the first hour and half. Everyone minded their own throne. We thought, maybe it’ll be a boring KVK. We had no real intent to invade after my spy run. Unless opportunity presented itself.

Then this happened. Let’s call them Moe, Larry, and Curly. We did because it was amusing.

Three sh35 against a sh33, 32, and a handful of 31s. Obviously we had 30s and down helping but we’re talking about t11 vs t10 here.

Spoiler Alert: t10 won.

We gave the good fight for an hour. They knocked North and West towers down after several solo hits and then rallied South. We pulled South because senseless death is counterproductive. East was solid and they weren’t taking that without a fight. Instead Tornado rallied the throne. It hurt but it wasn’t enough to reset us. It wasn’t a mega.

I guess that didn’t sit right with them. We were a bigger bite than they thought and not going down easy. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Then Wood aka Shemp pulled from 133’s throne and popped over to 207 to lead a mega rally on our throne. Yes. Their strongest player left their throne defenseless. We had not seen his stats but we had no doubt he was the power player.

So in true 207 style our fearless leader said, well if they think they can reset our throne I’m going to reset theirs. And he did. It was grand.

Of course ours was reset too because Slak had 207 locked in a mega garrison. We had no intent to sacrifice troops and the decision was made for Slak to pull and port to reset 133.

Lesson One: Do not leave your home throne vulnerable. Defense is Priority.

So we kept them busy with tower hockey. Tornado stacked the throne and Samson attempted to keep four towers from firing by his lonesome. It was hilarious. It seemed they may be new to invading but they were quick learners. Samson finally achieved keeping two of the towers from firing each rotation by sending cavalry to reset our one troop.

Slak smashed Tornado off our throne and then he and Samson disappeared. When they did not appear in 133, we checked 277’s shore and watched in glee as they were tossed around like debris in a storm. It did not end well for 133 and ended with 277 defending their throne first.

It was not over for 133 yet. 277 returned the favor and visited them for a spell. Watching the tower hits was a lovely thing. 133 also took some big hits, one a mega rally we all knew they’d lose.

Lesson Two: Do not take a hit you are not positive you will win.

Taking a mega rally is not something you should do if you can bubble or port.

133 claimed their throne second and 207 last. We had no further visits and after the first two thrones were won we hung out in Discord mapping out our reaction to various scenarios that never happened.

It was fun and personally I was glad for a short KVK weekend. It had been a long week at work and I was exhausted even though I slept a good seven hours before KVK started.

Stay tuned!


Creating New Farm

Creating New Farm

What if I told you that in less than five minutes you could level a brand new account to Lord 10, Dragon 23, and Dragon Spirit 18?  Without opening your pocketbook.  

You’d laugh; however I discovered this while creating spies for KVK.  I started two in 207 an hour before the new match started.  I always do so it is quicker to port over and review leaderboards.

However before I left each farm joined KVK to gain 200g for free and also collected all the kingdom quest rewards because why not?

Here is what I learned.  You can collect kingdom quest rewards in multiple kingdoms.  Up to 3 times on a brand new account.  Yes, I know you only get 2 beginner ports so how?

Well 3 times requires you start the farm on an accountless device.  Why?  So you can collect the rewards in the newest kingdom – hoping they aren’t that new and have completed the kingdom quest.  Collect rewards.  Join 2nd kingdom.  Collect rewards.  Join your home kingdom.  Collect rewards.

New farm – instant easy leveling to boost it without toiling over barbs.  Even if you collected just two – and started in your home kingdom, ported to another, and back home, you’d still get to Lord 9, Dragon 21, and Dragon Spirit 17.  Still not a bad deal

♡ 207

My Kill Event Excitement

My Kill Event Excitement

So there I was, minding my own business. I wasn’t even logged in and was #PlayingAnotherGame when I got a notification from King of Avalon.

You are being scouted by [Bad] Player#20719f8329e.

Serious? Certainly not. I knew that before I logged in. But I had to know wtf was going on. I give people permission to scout all the time, I don’t have a reason to hide my troop count. Anyone who understands simple math can figure that out quickly. It isn’t hard. You just have to know baseline sh power, estimated research, and gear/gems. Most is acquired when being scouted or attacked. Then based on sh level you can math the max # of top tier troops they can have and estimate actual from there.

It was just an annoyance and because it was unusual behavior lead me to believe it was someone who knew me from another kingdom. If they were friendly I’m sure a response to my mail would have occurred. As of me writing this post none has occurred. There is always a reason and I’m curious by nature.

I ended up mailing their r4 – it is just a micro alliance. And scouted a few times. I may have moved to port and decided meh. Cause I haven’t had any reason to attack in a while lol and it was tempting. Not tempting enough and I wasn’t interested in anyone else they had in the alliance. I thought about burning them with single cavalry attacks but let it be.

Perhaps because I’m first on the relic list? The world may never know…

I had a video of it, still do actually. Just not happy with the edits or the video itself. So you don’t get any visual goodies today. However there is a lovely video from KVK 25 that I still need to edit and share. It’s a gem.

♡ 207