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Last KoA Conquest and Twitch!

So I wish I had done live sooner; however it would have been detrimental to any planning lol and that is somewhat irrelevant now. I decided to stream my last Conquest and KVK. You can watch the highlights below for Conquest. Drop some love. Mama Purls is back ♡♡

King of Avalon

4.7.1 Garrison Boosts

4.7.1 Garrison Boosts These are applied based on the stats of lords who garrison a building 20 minutes after that building is first occupied and held by the same alliance. Two buildings are required when invading to acquire this boost. Presumably only the throne is required while defending. However our throne was at 23 minutes… Continue reading 4.7.1 Garrison Boosts

King of Avalon

A Sanctum Experiment

As of Version 4.8 Sanctum Has ChangedYou can no longer get gold packs and they were replaced with ambrosia coin packs.  sorry! Sanctum was a great addition to the game and a real life changer for those of us who take hits on our castles either in KVK or KE. When it was first released… Continue reading A Sanctum Experiment

King of Avalon

Beginner’s Guide to Conquest

We're running conquest for the first time in BAR in 207 and I'm writing this Beginner's Guide to Conquest for them.  Of course others can gain some beginner help too!  I'm not going to go deep or outline details.  This is just a general guide to get you started. How to Get Points You accumulate… Continue reading Beginner’s Guide to Conquest

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Vacation from Social Media

I'm taking a vacation. Not the kind you're thinking of. I'm still going to work every day and if anything putting in more hours.  No I'm taking a vacation from social media. It started last week. On day 9 and I think tomorrow will be my last vacay day. Maybe. What does this mean? It… Continue reading Vacation from Social Media