Say What?

Yes, some of this is common knowledge; however some stuff I make up.  Like ARSS and C2.  I saw a need, cause I’m a lazy typer in KoA, and decided to abbreviate combat 2 once it was released and alliance rss.  Find one you like, start using it!  Have one to share, comment!

AC = Alliance Chat

KC = Kingdom Chat

RSS = Resources

ARSS = Alliance Resource Building

C1 = Combat 1 Research

C2 = Combat 2 Research

KVK = Kingdom versus Kingdom (Excalibur Invasion)

KE = Kill Event

GE = Gold Event

AE = Alliance Event

LP = Life Preserver

FL = Firelands

Golem = Kingdom Monster

FK = Fallen Knights



JS – Just Saying

MF – Mother Fucker

FML – Fuck my Life

GH = Gamer Husband (love of my life)