Mega Versus Mega

Mega Versus Mega

There was a lot of fun to be had this final round with k64 and k394.  Most of the fun was in the beginning, after our throne was secure.  We’d intended to take k394 along with defending 207; however we didn’t have as much man power this round due to the holidays and some people had other obligations they couldn’t get out of … such as work & Easter.

This post is all about the final round of this KVK match-up.  You’ll see more YouTube coverage of the first half than anything else.  207 does not give up without a fight and we are not scared to lose troops.  Not if it means we win.  Personally I lost only 20 million power this KVK.  8% of my power.  About 90 million food to rebuild.  Or in Purls terms, 3 days of food farming.


It was the last round of an even match up and thus far we’d taken limited losses.  In the second round I lost less than 6k power.  Win.  But since this was an easy/equal match an impossible match will likely follow.  So we decided to have a little fun before potentially taking a vacation for the next two months.

Because the 25th KVK round marks an “anniversary” of a sorts; let’s provide some statistics:

  • We’ve lost our throne only 6 times and never lost all three rounds of any match.
  • We’ve conquered all kingdoms every round in 3 separate matchups.  9 rounds total.
  • We’ve won every other defense of home.  A total of 10 rounds.  You can’t always conquer but you can defend.

So our win percentage is 76%.  And we’ve always had the same king.


– inside joke

Defending k207 and Invading k394

So we started in 207 of course because why you wouldn’t secure your home throne before invading…

Over the six weeks we were “at war” with k64 and k394 I maintained contact with several people in each.  Some would scout or attack my towers during the event and we’d swap friendly PMs.  If you’re ever in KVK with me – I’ll accept your contact if you’ll be pleasant.

One such person is DarkQueen.  You may have seen a shoutout to her in my KVK 24 post @DQ.  Her kingdom was a mess when we started our invasion the first round.  My spy joined her alliance as they were not aligned with the king.  Long story short they had a bully that collected tax of resources every week – per stronghold in an alliance.  They were a divided mess.  Not unusual.

They managed to pull together in the last round and I was happy to see it.  It’s a game and war is war and friends are friends.  The bully is gone and they are more united as a result.  I wish them the best in their future KVK rounds.  I will be watching you.

She got me good.  I even saw the speed but as usual you click in just the wrong spot and you’re delayed and boom.  Losses.  No worries.  I should have worried less about the spam attacks and scouts which are important when you’re like me and don’t want to be speed hit on your castle.


Our goal was to start with k394 to start.  Same drill as last time.  First slak reset k64 and we started our invasion!  We held it down a bit but soon discovered that due to unfortunate circumstances me and Dew (GH) in the forest alone with an absent king on a mega garrisoned throne and only three towers manned by online peeps and we managed it for several hours.

So when they started taking towers we couldn’t reset we had to reevaluate.  People have real lives and believe me when I say that Slak, Dew, and I have soloed plenty of invasions – in terms of being the only ones online.  Trying to stay awake.


So we withdrew from k394 and waited until 207 was secure – or just abouts.  Doesn’t matter to us.  The longer we make the other kingdoms wait the more attrition affects them.  Doesn’t affect us.  The Core Team ensures their availability the entire KVK weekend.  If we must step away it is discussed ahead of time and worked into the plans.  We went into this one knowing that we may be able to take two at once; however if one at a time was required we were prepared.

So when our fearless king returned he went to play with towers in k64.  Because both kingdoms had mega garrisoned we had set up plans to mega rally both – one after the other.  Dewand I joined slak in firing on their throne.  Three towers firing every four minutes.  It vaporizes 1% of the power in the throne equally among all reinforcers per tower hit.

We were going to mega them anyways so we added a little insult to injury.  We didn’t put ourselves in harm’s way, just let them hit us with all sorts of spells that were soon realized as wasted.

FYI Defending Kingdoms – Don’t Waste Spell Power:

  • Angel of Death only affects wounded troops and only a stupid KVK team doesn’t heal after each loss.  #Waste
  • Doom Flame can be ported out of.  We were going to port to k394 anyways before it ticked off.  #Waste
  • Antiport does not work if the other kingdom we’re invading is open.  We can’t port home or anywhere in the kingdom we were frozen in, but we can port directly to k394 which is where we were heading anyway.  #Waste

Mega Rally vs. Mega Garrison x 2

Resetting k64 and k394

Some important points – we weren’t thinking when we all popped life preserver.  Don’t do this.  Only the rally leader needs to because mega means you get the leader’s stats – which includes this talent.  #Duh  we realized this seconds after we popped it

Really that was the action.  k394 kept the scouts, attacks, rallies and such going for a few hours and then it tapered and stopped.  The last six hours was boring.


We decided that because we had to do one at a time that we’d take a breather and sleep.  The Core Team is in different time zones and we decided to invade k64 ten hours after we wrapped up k394.  Of course they were reset strategically to allow for extra time.  They’d taken a lot of losses and while they still had troops it wasn’t enough to be a threat.

We hoped for some excitement and got it.  They lasted longer than k394.  I apparently attracted most of the nonsense attacking.  Someone let their farm’s bubble fall and I took them out – this person’s main was devoted to my tower the rest of the invasion.

Every chance they got they took.  Several towers were taken by @Evil Hellcat and @KALLE … and their farms were marching behind them.  Of course it was just Dew, Dude, and myself all alone playing with towers at this time.  I had to give our muscle a buzz – as prearranged.

Of course after that it was over.  In fact Game mega garrisoned the throne and slak took over North and East Tower and I took over South and West.  Game wasn’t available and they weren’t going to shake his garrison – we had enough people online to stack it if necessary.  Better to have tower teams online.  Since k64 had given up at that point it was just a matter of staying entertained.

Scrubalotimus was back as promised!  However our Unicorn Police followed him to k64 and ported him out of the forest before he reset the throne.  It was comical.  We have fun and things like this aren’t something you see everyday.  k64 I hope you enjoyed the show.

And that is it.  Another KVK done.

♡ 207

KVK Planning + FAQ

KVK Planning + FAQ

Okay, so this week I was up an hour early for KVK. A bit grumpy on four hours of sleep but up and awake. I’ll admit I’m annoyed at KVK planning. So I kinda half-assed this one. Sorry. Hindsight I spent so much time in mail explaining stuff for the umpteenth time that I regret not detailing every little thing.

These are the FAQ in Mail, Alliance Chat, and Discord maybe a few by me lol
Who am I reining? Where do I port? What troops am I sending? Do I need to bubble? Should I buff? Why are you sending my reins back? Hello, is anyone going to get that tower? Should I take this hit or bubble? What do you mean by minimal troops?

So I like to prepare mails to people in certain roles so they know. Down to troops to send based on the tiers they have. Shore to port to (invading) and Tower to hold (anywhere). It is highly organized and usually VERY smooth.



So what does planning involve? I’m not sure what other kingdoms do but I visit every alliance that helps with KVK to Mail All. Usually a general plan and call for troops to defend home and invade. I also ask for peoples availability.

I get a lot of responses. Sometimes more sometimes less. I spreadsheet them and assign a role (throne, tower, reins) and assign a kingdom. I base assignments off when people are available. Certain roles have stat requirements such as being unbubbled in another kingdom.

Others have no stat requirements such as stacking a mega throne. For reins I like people with stats to boost defenses on those strongholds and this role favors people who are available only initially or when we invade.

It works well.  Then you have the handful of people that just *show up* with no courtesy head’s-up.  That gives me more stress than anything.  Like, why couldn’t you just say – I may come or I’m thinking about it.  So there is pressure to put these people in a role or fear they’ll be bored and never come again.

All in all we do well.  We have fun.  Discord makes the world go round.

I’ve taken a bit if video from the highlights of our current KVK.  It’ll take a while to create a highlight video

♡ 207

About 207

About 207

You have to understand that 207 is like a family.  We’ve had our ups and downs.  War and plunder.  But we’ve had really good times too.  So much history that I never documented.  It is like one of those series that never ends.  Full of drama and action.  Friendship and hatred.  It has all died down now, for the most part.

We’ve had our fair share of wars.  Wars over dominating and keeping the throne.  Wars over rulebreakers.  We’ve also had a lot of peace.  Goal is to maintain peace so that those who want to do KVK don’t have to worry about KE and those who want to do KE can do just that and those that want to be farmers can just be farmers.

KoA it is NOT a war game.  It is called King of Avalon NOT Avalon Wars.  It is a kingdom and as such we are like houses and there is a ruling house and houses that support the ruling house and others that don’t.  Even if you don’t agree with this statement you have to agree that in War you have warriors, farmers, blacksmiths, cooks, etc.  so by default no matter how you look at it this is not a war game.  It is a game that has war.

You also have to agree that not everyone plays games the same way – I mean it is a game.  It is about entertainment value.  As such you cannot force your way of playing on others – just as you wouldn’t want them to force it upon you.

In 207, slaughtering innocents for KE points is done.  That is mutually agreed upon.  We are not against KE – we are against a 30 going after a 21 and zeroing them because that person happens to have a real life and omg their kid is sick and so they forgot to get on and bubble.  So the time they put into the game the past year is gone – I don’t care what you think about free players but know they exist and have just as much of a right to play the game as you.

So we have BAR – Blood and Rage.  #1 alliance and ruling alliance.  However I don’t live at BAR anymore and neither does the king.  We live at KVK – Kingdom 207 but are still very much BAR.  Once upon a time everyone would join BAR for the throne event and we had to drop people every two weeks to make room  It was getting out of hand.  So we converted a farm alliance to be the new BAR – set it all up overnight undercover to prevent people from porting.  Then asked everyone to drop from old BAR to new BAR and port.  Old BAR is now KVK.  Plenty of room for people to join!

So for BAR leadership we have slaktarn, Callum, Gamealotimus, Necro Angel, Dew Hefner, and myself Purls.  We have two allies that we bounce ideas off of – DMW and LOR.  As a collective group we manage the kingdom as a team.   We each have different skill sets and as such our roles are based upon that.  Everyone has a part to play.

We also have WoA, SKy, and ImB that provide a lot of help. There are others that come and go and we don’t force participation but those that do and make a point to go above and beyond get rewarded. Especially if we take all three Thrones; that just means extra chests to distribute.

Titles are distributed to those who ask. My default is Spirituality. I love it. It’s never asked for by anyone else so I get to keep it for 2 weeks after KVK. It comes in handy for troops and the March speed goes well with my Relic.

Overall 207 is a great Kingdom and I’m very happy that it was where I landed when I first started just over a year ago. I’ve met a lot of great people and we have a lot of fun playing the game together.

♡ 207



Gamealotimus is an r4 of BAR.  He stayed in KVK after the last event and asked GH – Dew Hefner – to hold his portal spot at BAR with a farm as he would remain in KVK a few weeks.  We’ve all been friends for a long time via the game and if you cannot have fun then what is the point?

So this is the farm that was created and dropped in by the portal just for Game.  Scrubalotimus.  Because we call Game that all the time – cause he’s a scrub (lol).

King of Avalon_2018-03-25-21-06-08.png

Yes, as you can see in the above Game commented he was being rallied up.  By Scrub.  Here is Game, minding his own business running solo barbs.  It was my suggestion actually – I told Dew to start a rally at Game and have everyone add one cav to it for fun.

King of Avalon_2018-03-25-21-07-36.png

Oh yeah…

King of Avalon_2018-03-25-21-10-33.png

I sent the best troop I could to reinforce Game.  My mauler.  He has yet to be named…

Full video of the action is below – well most of it.

So Game survived, barely. It was touch and go there for a minute. But the fun wasn’t over! May not seem like much to you but it’s part of what I love about 207. We make fun happen. In our own ways.

♡ 207

Spreadsheet Update!

Spreadsheet Update!

My spreadsheet has been *slightly* updated.  As in I removed the Research and Pack tabs – they had a purpose long ago but I long since abandoned that project.  They were useless unless you wanted to reference data before Combat 2 and packs were updated.

What I did do is finally put the math that has been swimming around in my head since Thanksgiving down in formulas.  Meaning the # of troops to send is based directly on the damage it does.

Does it work?  I’d like to think so .. I’ve always done very well on Golem with my math.  In fact I may have done even better than I thought just “winging” it.  The percentages that my math determined are not very far from the defaults with the exception of infantry and siege.  I also left the top percentage on which troops to send by “tier” as-is.  It has always served me well…

Yes, I’m finally going to revisit siege for golem.  I really hope this new update will be as we hope and have no health and last the full 24 hours.  I’d like to maximize my xp and not have to pull over on the drive home to ensure I can get in the game and port before he is dead.

You won’t find a link in this post – go to the navigation menu and click My ♡ Spreadsheet!!

Anyways.  Goal is to do maximum damage on golem.  I’m going to compare my math to someone else’s and see who is going down the right path.  I don’t know how they came up with their totals so we shall see.

If you use my new formulas for golem let me know how it compares to my last setup…




I went to Firelands with a group – because one of them wanted to test her stronghold against me.  Suffice to say she is perfectly fine.  She’s worked hard on layers and defenses.  Great player – silently absorbing all the advise others ask for.  Great news is her hospitals can hold all the wounded I gave her so in terms of KVK against someone with my stats she would have zero losses.   @Siren – good job!

Sadly I was distracted with things and I shot no videos of this.  I have the reports but as this is a public site I’m not interested in sharing.  I don’t hide my stats from 207 just those in other kingdoms for KVK purposes.  No advantages!

I’ve done the whole I want to rank thing previously in Firelands and so I’m not interested in soloing that again – with a team for sure.  The last time I attempted to rank I was top 50 – top 20 most of the time – until this guy started hassling me.  Of course then revenge-3 showed up and knocked that guy out.  And knocked me out.  Rampage. No worries.

This Firelands I was more interested in getting all the rewards to add to my banner collection.  So boring.  Shoutout to @Ragnarr – found you!  If I wasn’t porting around scaring friends to death I was scrolling around looking for them.

King of Avalon_2018-03-24-12-48-06.png

Also found a friend from our last KVK matchup – k199.  I ported next to her and sent a one cav march because I couldn’t say hello any other way!  I put a scare into them obviously as they instant recalled.  I had to jump on my k199 account and message them so they didn’t have to worry about me.  I sat next to them for a while cause I was more into the discussion in Discord than anything else.

King of Avalon_2018-03-24-12-07-03.png

The only real attack I did do was at the very end.  There was no time for me to grab fresh tiles before the timer ended and #Bored.  Which reminds me, I really need to fix my pvp formation.  I’ve been 31 over a week and I have yet to adjust my formation for the additional troop capacity.  #Noob

That is okay – I managed to rank decently considering I ported around poking at friends and only gathered the last half to ensure I had enough fossils to get all the tier rewards.  So in all the rank I acquired was surprising and made me wish I’d attempted to rank.

The thing is – you have to port fast to the 3 tiles and snag them quickly at the opening of the event.  As I was there to attack friends upon request for defense purposes this opportunity was lost and tbh I’m not sad.

King of Avalon_2018-03-24-13-01-25.png


I hate the spire.  Love the rewards, hate it otherwise.  I’m always forgetting to go back in and end up wasting so much time.  Lately I’ve been on the prowl for certain people and having a blast attacking my 207 peeps.  By attacking I mean I send a single cav march and review their stats.  Why not? 😀

King of Avalon_2018-03-24-10-27-16.png
King of Avalon_2018-03-24-17-24-51.png
King of Avalon_2018-03-18-22-38-20.png

That is all for now!

♡ 207