Excalibur Invasion, Gold Event

207 KVK 28 – KE + No Mercy

We ended up with rank 4 globally and were not disappointed. It did not dissuade k133 from invading which created a 400 million power loss for k207. Instead of this being spread across 10 players it was spread among 50 and was easier to swallow by all.

Gold Event

Kill Event Inquiry

Curious here. I have visited more kingdom's than I can count ... as a KVK spy. You can learn a lot about a kingdom from their KC but not always truth. I've seen how many do KE or war in general. I've even joined alliances on my spy...invited. Usually by an alliance against the one… Continue reading Kill Event Inquiry

Gold Event

Kill Event – KE1 + KE2

Previously 207 has napped Kill Event if we were in a favorable match to preserve troops. That was soon replaced with Tent Wars. Wounding troops over killing dead. It was fun and I've written of it before. This time we tried a new idea which involved creating two new alliances. I predicted that it was… Continue reading Kill Event – KE1 + KE2

Chit Chat, Gold Event

My Kill Event Excitement + War Dragon Reset

So there I was, minding my own business. I wasn't even logged in and was #PlayingAnotherGame when I got a notification from King of Avalon. You are being scouted by [Bad] Player#20719f8329e. Serious? Certainly not. I knew that before I logged in. But I had to know wtf was going on. I give people permission… Continue reading My Kill Event Excitement + War Dragon Reset

Gold Event, War

Gold Event Woes + Don’t Break NAP

Today marked Day One in the Gold Event.  Gathering Stage. Long story short I have not received the gold in this stage in a long time.  This started shortly after our war against TRW which mean full war 24/7 and five marches out in reins 24/7 to protect my peeps.  This lasted about four months. … Continue reading Gold Event Woes + Don’t Break NAP