Excalibur Invasion, Gold Event

207 KVK 28 – KE + No Mercy

We ended up with rank 4 globally and were not disappointed. It did not dissuade k133 from invading which created a 400 million power loss for k207. Instead of this being spread across 10 players it was spread among 50 and was easier to swallow by all.

Excalibur Invasion

207 KVK 27 – Allies + Tower Hockey

Allies Sometimes there are things I cannot share because it may affect the rest of a match in KVK in unfavorable ways. We were matched with k133 and k277 for KVK 26 - 28. Both proper beasts in comparison to k207. It was our hard/impossible match. Usually we lose 2 out of 3 defenses on… Continue reading 207 KVK 27 – Allies + Tower Hockey

Excalibur Invasion

207 KVK 26 – Lesson One + Lesson Two

Oops So this KVK round was disappointing but not in the way you'd imagine. I've been playing with various encoder setups because the Android Game Tools only lets you record to internal memory. This means I get maybe 4 hours of video and it kills my phone. So I tried one called AZ Screen Recorder.… Continue reading 207 KVK 26 – Lesson One + Lesson Two

Excalibur Invasion

207 KVK 25 – Mega Rally vs Mega Garrison

There was a lot of fun to be had this final round with k64 and k394.  Most of the fun was in the beginning, after our throne was secure.  We'd intended to take k394 along with defending 207; however we didn't have as much man power this round due to the holidays and some people… Continue reading 207 KVK 25 – Mega Rally vs Mega Garrison

Excalibur Invasion

207 KVK 25 Update Coming

There IS a blog post ... I promise!  It is all typed up and ready to go; however the videos aren't quite ready yet.  I have published one video and you can go take a peek; however the story behind this will only be available on my blog. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyfrLehsEAVqtINIsAlIGzQ Stay tuned for more!!  

Excalibur Invasion, Game Tips

KVK Planning + FAQ

Okay, so this week I was up an hour early for KVK. A bit grumpy on four hours of sleep but up and awake. I'll admit I'm annoyed at KVK planning. So I kinda half-assed this one. Sorry. Hindsight I spent so much time in mail explaining stuff for the umpteenth time that I regret… Continue reading KVK Planning + FAQ