Dragon Spirit

Dragon Spirit – Floor 35 in Green Gear

Yup, so it is possible to skip Blue gear. Of course you need to have some research and runestones leveled first! I'll forewarn that you can't miss the guardian on Floor 34...if you go the wrong way and fight you may not have the health to beat it. I've gone from Green to Purple gear… Continue reading Dragon Spirit – Floor 35 in Green Gear

Dragon Spirit

Dragon Spirit Resources

The Dragon Labyrinth is a great resource generator. So much so that you can get more rss per day in the lab than you can gather in a day on any farm with minimal effort. Guaranteed. There are some requirements. However any farm can get there in a month or less. It depends on speedups… Continue reading Dragon Spirit Resources

Dragon Spirit, Kingdom Threat

Golem + Dragon Spirit

It is no secret I like Golem. I fully buff with blade. Full war gear and Lord. Dragon reset for monster. That would be the king in first, GH in second, and myself in third. The xp is worth the expense in gold. I used to spend 11,400 gold every Friday for Golem. I'd reset… Continue reading Golem + Dragon Spirit