Fun ♡ Facts

Some fun facts about KoA.  Some may be a bug or glitch.  Sorry no exploits – cheating is frowned upon.

New Alliance Member – No AC Message & No Log 

Okay so this one is fun.  I know about this because I drop my farms in and out of the alliance all the time.  It is a bad bug because people can sneak in if you aren’t careful and you would never know unless you audited your member list frequently – which you should do anyway.

HOW IT WORKS: Simple.  Have them apply and rather than accept the invite, go to their profile and invite them to the alliance.  Or.  Invite them to the alliance and rather than have them accept that invite they can just apply.  Works both ways.

Getting out of Teleport Freeze

So to make this one work the Excalibur Event must be active.

  • This bug will NOT work if any kingdom but your own has already crowned a king.
  •  If your own kingdom is done and the other two are open – you can port between them on this.
  • You cannot port home or you will be stuck until you port to a kingdom you were not frozen in.

WHY THIS WORKS: Because it only prevents you from porting in the kingdom you currently occupy and the kingdom you call home.

Healing your Walls Instantly – Without a Port

For this to work you must have a coin reward from Merlin’s Trials.  Yes, I know farms are farms but really free coins every day? What else are you going to do with full valor and war gear on farms from all the free stuff?  Yes, banners to!  Anyways I digress…

PROBLEM: So, you let a friend hit your farm and they forgot to say they were done.  You got busy and omg the next day you login and your walls are destroyed!  It isn’t a big deal but it is annoying to heal and porting is a stupid way to get around it.  So you click on that wall icon for days.

SOLUTION: I’m glad you asked!  Heck you have probably already done this accidently and. just. didn’t. know. what. healed. your. walls.

So.  Here is what you do.  First, this must be done at reset unless you have uncollected coins from Merlin’s Trials (lazy mf).  Now go in and collect your coins.  Leave.  Tap icon on wall that says you need to heal.  WHAT?!!?! It’s healed??

WHY IT WORKS: No idea.  It has no logic.  Why do you care?  It works!