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King of Avalon Video Contest

This contest made me and those in k207 very happy because I've been documenting KVK for some time and it will pay off with a hero for not only me but those I've captured. I let everyone know that they are welcome to use those I've previously uploaded or if they want an unbranded clip… Continue reading King of Avalon Video Contest

Excalibur Invasion, Gold Event

207 KVK 28 – KE + No Mercy

We ended up with rank 4 globally and were not disappointed. It did not dissuade k133 from invading which created a 400 million power loss for k207. Instead of this being spread across 10 players it was spread among 50 and was easier to swallow by all.

Excalibur Invasion

207 KVK 27 – Allies + Tower Hockey

Allies Sometimes there are things I cannot share because it may affect the rest of a match in KVK in unfavorable ways. We were matched with k133 and k277 for KVK 26 - 28. Both proper beasts in comparison to k207. It was our hard/impossible match. Usually we lose 2 out of 3 defenses on… Continue reading 207 KVK 27 – Allies + Tower Hockey

Dragon Spirit

Dragon Spirit – Floor 35 in Green Gear

Yup, so it is possible to skip Blue gear. Of course you need to have some research and runestones leveled first! I'll forewarn that you can't miss the guardian on Floor 34...if you go the wrong way and fight you may not have the health to beat it. I've gone from Green to Purple gear… Continue reading Dragon Spirit – Floor 35 in Green Gear

Dragon Spirit

Dragon Spirit Resources

The Dragon Labyrinth is a great resource generator. So much so that you can get more rss per day in the lab than you can gather in a day on any farm with minimal effort. Guaranteed. There are some requirements. However any farm can get there in a month or less. It depends on speedups… Continue reading Dragon Spirit Resources

Gold Event

Kill Event Inquiry

Curious here. I have visited more kingdom's than I can count ... as a KVK spy. You can learn a lot about a kingdom from their KC but not always truth. I've seen how many do KE or war in general. I've even joined alliances on my spy...invited. Usually by an alliance against the one… Continue reading Kill Event Inquiry