The Sims 4

Renovating a Castle

I approached this as a renovation of an old house to modernize and add personality. I had to add the missing doors and for the most part keep the layout and rooms as they were. I set the main center rooms downstairs (between the stairs) as open to guests and locked the doors leading to the stairs for household only. When testing the lot I noticed that sims went everywhere and it is a BIG house so you cannot do a goaled social event and meet all the objectives.

The Sims 4

Setting the Scene – Quinn Manor

I was just skimming the gallery when I happened upon the perfect home for the Quinns. It featured 13 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. The basement has a pool and the first floor is pure entertaining. The rest of the floors are bedrooms and baths with a library at the very top. The rooftop garden area is also unique.

The house is furnished but missing the final touches which I will enjoy adding. I plan on redecorating everything and renovating a few spaces to suit my needs.

The Sims 4

Purls Quinn the Sim

You see DH discovered my devious plans for Purls and he was not having it. He insisted he be a part of the story!

"Well," I told him, "how about you are the only man I marry in the game and my only true love. You will die and I will live forever, but I will never marry again. I'll just have sex with everyone and make all the babies so I can fill my house and have generations upon generations of kids and grandkids and great grandkids and so on".

Purls HQ

We "discussed" until he caved. I even promised to keep his spirit chained to the manor forever and ever and even build a shrine to him. I also said I'd make a masterpiece painting to hang in the bedroom.

"No," he said, "you will NOT make me watch you sleep with other men for all eternity so you better put that painting somewhere outside of the bedroom."


We spent the next hour putting together my outfits and the final touches on makeup and such. I was not entirely happy with my selections but basic is basic and you get what you get.

King of Avalon

Last KoA Conquest and Twitch!

So I wish I had done live sooner; however it would have been detrimental to any planning lol and that is somewhat irrelevant now. I decided to stream my last Conquest and KVK. You can watch the highlights below for Conquest. Drop some love. Mama Purls is back ♡♡