Goods Exchange Details

Goods Exchange Details

So you want to know how many of what you can get per day in the Goods Exchange.  Here you go!  Note that this data was mined 07.18.2018 and it is all available in game.  This just lets you see what and how many per days you can get IF you have 2 million in value per day per category.

Equipment# per DayValue per Item
Rare Material Chest8-237,038
Dragon Essence72-27,778
5k Steel9-222,223
3k Steel15-133,334
1k Steel45-44,445
500 Steel90-22,223
300 Steel150-13,334
100 Steel450-4,445
50 Steel900-2,223
30 Steel1,500-1,334
10 Steel4,494-445
Animal Hide1,349-1,483
Heros# per DayValue per Item
Summoning Horn20-100,000
Agravain Frag2-1,000,000
Lamorak Frag2-1,000,000
Balin Frag2-1,000,000
Bedivere Frag2-1,000,000
Lionel Frag4-500,000
Hellawes Frag4-500,000
Isuelt Frag4-500,000
Morgause Frag4-500,000
Elyan Frag4-500,000
Gareth Frag4-500,000
Gawain Frag4-500,000
Tor Frag4-500,000
Balan Frag8-250,000
Gaheris Frag8-250,000
Cerys Frag8-250,000
Pellenas Frag8-250,000
Isobel Frag8-250,000
Pellinore Frag8-250,000
Safir Frag8-250,000
Vortimer Frag8-250,000
Griflet Frag8-250,000
Ector Frag35-57,143
Rhona Frag35-57,143
Dinadan Frag35-57,143
Claudin Frag35-57,143
Malegant Frag35-57,143
Brunor Frag35-57,143
Caradoc Frag35-57,143
Colgrevance Frag35-57,143
2k Hero XP89-22,472
500 Hero XP359-5,571
100 Hero XP1,798-1,112
Gemstones# per DayValue per Item
III Gem/Stone9-222,222
II Gem/Stone40-50,000
I Gem/Stone160-12,500
Raw Valor IV Frag231-8,658
Champion Jewel III9-222,222
Emblems# per DayValue per Item
I Green Emblem4-500,000

2 thoughts on “Goods Exchange Details

  1. Could you possibly update this list with the new guards added?
    Thank you for this info. As both a KoA and GoG player, it’s very helpful to have in list form.


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