Kill Event is Dead

Kill Event is Dead

Previously 207 has napped Kill Event if we were in a favorable match to preserve troops. That was soon replaced with Tent Wars. Wounding troops over killing dead. It was fun and I’ve written of it before.  This time we tried a new idea which involved creating two new alliances. I predicted that it was a useless effort and would only prove to 207 that Kill Event is dead.

The way it works is you register with Necro Angel and she uses a randomizer to assign each one to KE1 or KE2. So you don’t know if you’ll be against allies and friends or forced to work alongside an enemy. I registered to prove a point and perhaps lead some fun harmless raids.

KE1 + KE 2 - (2)

So here I sit in KE2, all by my lonesome.

KE1 + KE 2 - (1)

Against two in KE1. Dude – who lives at KVK with me & Lord Mattrox – who lives at SKy. So I fought them both. Kinda. I sent out farmers to tiles near me and also some troops in the fort. They know I have t10 and I said by all means – go for it. So Mattrox did. Sadly I was too slow on record lol, but you can see the aftermath here.

I also refuse to bubble. What are they going to do, rally me? If if they did my troops would have them for dinner. If I’m able to withstand a direct hit from someone with much higher stats than me and suffer mimimal losses due to my hospital capacity – what is someone with lower stats going to do? #Nothing

Likewise I doubt anyone would hit my castle direct. Not only because it is a deathwish but as Dude kindly reminded someone in KC tonight – I’m one of the most loved in 207 and the king’s second. And the unofficial official mod lol.

Doesn’t mean we didn’t have some fun!

♡ 207

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