Golem Fun

Golem Fun

It is no secret I like Golem. I fully buff with blade. Full war gear and Lord. Dragon reset for monster.

That would be the king in first, GH in second, and myself in third. The xp is worth the expense in gold. I used to spend 11,400 gold every Friday for Golem. I’d reset Lord and Dragon for Golem and set them back to what they were previously.

The mines have changed this. I get Lord and Dragon resets easy. Cause why stay in war on Lord if there is no war. Just for KVK. That cost includes porting unless my relic is on cooldown.

Now I just spend 6,600 or so. Considering I get over 8 million Lord xp this is a very good return on investment. With barbs I can level my Lord every week or two. Closer to two weeks now that more do is required to jump these days.

I have been saving coins from the Dragon Lab for my Dragon Spirit. I was going to use them on refining stones but decided it was time to boost my Dragon Spirit’s level.

Not bad for a few coins. I wasn’t serious on Dragon Spirit until just before the Undead Trader update was released. I was Knight but switched to Mage with the update.

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