Gold Event Woe

Gold Event Woe

Today marked Day One in the Gold Event.  Gathering Stage.

Long story short I have not received the gold in this stage in a long time.  This started shortly after our war against TRW which mean full war 24/7 and five marches out in reins 24/7 to protect my peeps.  This lasted about four months.  They recently quit.

So I only started gathering again in the last few weeks on my main.  I mean that is what farms are for, right?  I don’t even own gathering gear … even on farms.  Regardless when Slak popped the gather boost I dropped a 24 hour boost and went to town.

I did well to start, then the silver mine depleted.  I lost almost an hour there.  Plus there is this thing called work and since I was on vacation last week today was a bit busy.  So here I was 100k points from getting the gold.  I’d intended to instant recall and go back out. Push the points.

That was until I saw this guy unbubbled.  I decided to port instead to break gather.  Why not.

King of Avalon_2018-03-19-19-53-10.png

To make another long story short, let us just say he has a hot temper and takes his rage out on innocents.  He was with BAR for a while but then decided to murder Baby BAR because he was accidently tile hit by one of them.  By murder I mean it was bad.  In his defense, which doesn’t count, he was raging because he was accidently hit by TRW the day before – we were not at war with them yet and KVK allies.

He was promised full reparations.  They started trading to farm almost immediately for Karter – as he was called at the time.  Then his tile was hit and so he hit his own allies.  Yes, so the rss he was getting for being hit by another ended up going to the alliance he murdered.  Smart.

Regardless.  He left and went to LOR.  One of our allies.  He has been there since.  A few KVK ago his hive was cleaning out inactives.  #Boot&Burn.  Karter had left his farm untagged.  Someone in LOR hit it in error.  When it was discovered as such the attacker offered reparations in rss.

This did not satisfy Bam Bam aka Karter.  No.  He took his main and hit the other guy’s main flat out.  Hurt him bad.  Then left for KVK the next day like nothing happened.  Until we found out.  He was booted so fast, him and his farm that he snuck in.  The rss from that plundering went the the person he’d killed.  Used racial slurs as justification.  Yes.  I know.  You don’t have to tell me, tell him.

This was about a month ago, he fell off our radar.  Harmless.  Didn’t have any teeth.  Until he popped into KC a few days ago.  Talking smack.  As usual we don’t feed trolls unless we need amusement.  He attracted a follower, this Lost guy.  Then Bam Bam decided to hit KvK tags!  Now if you’ve seen our alliance board you know we are immune from all attacks.  Who’d want to hit some of the biggest players anyway?  It is mostly for KE – we don’t participate so unless you want to die daily outside KE leave us be.

KvK is not our farms in KVK – those are in KVK.  KvK is a group of people who just want to farm.  They don’t want to war or anything like that.  And they farm good.  So we struck a deal – they give us rss and we protect them.  Our tags are usually more than sufficient but in most cases kingdom nap breakers don’t listen to rules.  Their board is fashioned after ours.

King of Avalon_2018-03-19-22-02-02.png

KE or not hits are not allowed.  I promised to leave Karter alone and let KvK deal with him.  But I did request coords in case they were offline and I wasn’t and he dropped bubble.  So when I saw him unbubbled I messaged them immediately; however they were not available.  Was it really worth the 4k gold to port?  Not really.  But it sends  a message.  Don’t. Fuck. With. Us. Period.

Remember how I said I was trying to get gold in the event? I didn’t bother switching my dragon to brutal or buffing. He has no relevant stats against me. I also haven’t completed my new PVP formation since SH 31 – bigger march cap – so I used my PVE formation. Which has limited infantry. I don’t really care about my miniscule losses tbh.  Mostly a disclaimer that Purls attacked like a noob because she didn’t give a fuck.

Oh, and gold for the gathering stage?  Never happened.  However I did manage to rank 80.

King of Avalon_2018-03-19-20-34-42.png

♡ 207

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