Gemstone Experience

Gemstone Experience

After much deliberation & with the advice of friends; I opted to replace one of my Attack Valor +6 with an Attack Chivalry +5.

I had done well so far on gems, I was full Valor and Conquest long before Valor + 4 were available.  I’ve spent my fair share of $$ to acquire these beauties and again another fair share to level them.

Initially I wanted to take the massive uptick on stats with Defense or Health.  The logic that stuck with me was – once you have all your Valor +6 you will wish for an Attack Chivalry and regret going Defense or Health.  Plus it isn’t like I’m going to acquire more of these babies – I’m on a budget and share this budget with Gamer Husband (GH).


I ended up with +4.5% on attack stats.  Minimal. But it is only +5.  It’ll be the last one I upgrade to 6.  And my friend was right.  In the end you only get 4 Attack gems and it is far wiser to place your first Chivalry there – always think end game.  @slaknoob

However I did manage to upgrade two more gems to 6, Defense and Health Valor.  +15 to Health and Defense with a +4.5% increase on Attack is favorable when you consider I swapped a Valor +6 out.  I ended up using that +6 to level a +4 – cause I hate wasting XP.  I also had several +4 Valor and other gems/stones laying around and finished another Valor +6.

Which brings us to the second part of this post; how much XP is gained by level of gem or refining stone.  This is not the XP needed to level each gem, just what you when you roll up a Refining Stone, Gem, or Valor into another gem.


There is more news to share; however until the videos are edited patience is required.

No hints … sorry (not).

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