Stronghold Upgrades

Stronghold Upgrades

This week has seen many stronghold upgrades – I managed to record three.  I like to document things.

First up is Seattle who went to Stronghold 35 this week!  I met him during our last KVK matchup.  It was brutal – for 207 that is.  We managed to grab our throne during the last round due to systems issues.  Being the social online butterfly I am … I reached out and we’ve been chatty since.

That match up was fun though – here are highlights from the first or second round.

Next up is GH – Stronghold 31!

My darling husband and I have gone back and forth on this.  He has had the badges for some time; however I did not.  I was still 494 short when this video was shot; however I upgraded the same night.

We didn’t want to waste speeds so close to KVK in case of losses and we certainly weren’t sure on depleting our food stores.  Our last KVK round depleted my stores by 200 million food.  I have been stockpiling for SH 31 and one account had 170 million still and I had tons of food items on farmers plus 50 million here, 20 million there.  I ended up hitting one of GH farms for 75 million food so that he and I would have equal stores remaining.

Of course my video is much longer because you get a peek as I speed and such.  A side note, before this was taken I had already reset my lord, checked gear, heros, and purchased the relic.  Since KVK needs to retain spell power for KVK I joined a farm alliance to use the construction buff.

The last step was acquiring badges.  Since my birthday two days away GH “forced” to purchase 510 badges as a present.  Side benefit was GOLD.  I spend so much in KVK that I deplete my stores fast.

King of Avalon_2018-03-13-23-13-22.png

The video can speak for itself.  Ignore the Line message.  That was just GH sending me a snip of my Stronghold upgrade in Alliance Help for posterity.  Yes, I yelled at him for sending it while recording … ♡

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