Making a Farm

Making a Farm

Best Practices for ALL Farms:

  • All farms should have four march slots via VIP 8 and research. Unlock this early.
    • University 6 unlocks March I
    • University 12 unlocks March II
    • University 20 unlocks March III
    • VIP 8 unlocks a march slot.
  • All farms should be stronghold 12 at a minimum; however stronghold 15 or better recommended for wood/metal farms.  The bigger the stronghold the larger your march cap for arss.  ALL my farms are 15+ because you really want to unlock all the rural plots to maximize your farm.
  • All farms should be able to send dragon and full march to arss and farm three 7 tiles or troops for four 7 tiles.
  • Don’t leave partials.  In fact you shouldn’t gather on a new farm until you can send out at least one full march to a 6 or 7 tile.  Until then play with the arss or focus on quests to provide rss for building.
  • Barbs are the best way to level your lord and dragon.  You just one cavalry per march slot – send one to every barb you see and rake in the free xp.  Or do solo barbs with your main.

SELECTING THE RIGHT TROOPS: When making a farm you should select the troops that work best for your situation.  If you are near 7 tiles or a food farmer then siege works best.  If you are far away from 7 metals then cavalry works best.

  • Siege (towers and rams) carry the most but are slow.  These troops are best for food because they carry so much and you make less – which means your troops don’t eat your food.
  • Cavalry carry the least and are fast.  You will have to make more Cavalry than Siege which means you will have a larger upkeep.  Best for wood or metal farms. @Myst – credit where credit is due.
  • Bowman and Infantry are not the fastest nor the slowest but they carry more than Cavalry and less than Siege.  These troops have no place on a farm.
  • All tiers of troops have the same upkeep.
    • Food = t1 for low upkeep; siege for carry or cavalry for march speed.
    • Metal = t5 siege or t5 cavalry.  Whichever floats your boat.  Upkeep is irrelevant on a metal farmer.


FOOD FARM: Food farms should just gather food – nothing else.  Mixing metal (especially silver!) on a food farm is a recipe for disaster.  A food farm should have 10 food and 10 wood resource plots.  The leftover plots can be iron; however you will need to build some silver plots to finish the quest line.  I usually follow the quest and put my plots down as needed for quests.  Then I destroy unwanted items and replace.

WOOD FARM: Build a wood farm the same as you would a food or metal.  That depends on your personal preference.  I don’t build wood farms.  I gather wood on ALL my farms if I need to collect for research.  Usually on the metal farmers because I don’t want food on my main I cannot use.  Some alliances have four farms and wood is one.

METAL/WOOD FARM:  Metal farms just gather iron and silver – sometimes wood.  Any food you produce is wasted unless you have a food farm you can trade excess food to.  A metal farm should have as many iron and silver plots as you can make and 10 wood.  You need food for the quests only.

TENTS VS. HOSPITALS: When you start building you will want to maximize tents.  Once you have the troops you need to gather you will replace those tents with hospitals.  You do not need tents on a fully developed farm.  Your farm should have the maximum hospitals you can for your level.  Your hospital cap should be greater than the number of troops you have on your farm.

RESEARCH: Research is very important.  Max out Economy on a farm.  Unlock march slots early.  I usually get my march slots first on a new farm via Combat 1 before I do anything else.

DRAGON LAIR: Level this up to match your stronghold level.  The higher this building is the less guardian and assault power you use in dragon talents.

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