Goods Exchange in King of Avalon

King of Avalon - Goods Exchange So you want to know how many of what you can get per day in the Goods Exchange.  Here you go!  Note that this data was mined 07.18.2018 and it is all available in game.  This just lets you see what and how many per days you can get… Continue reading Goods Exchange in King of Avalon


Conquest – Beginner’s Guide

We're running conquest for the first time in BAR in 207 and I'm writing this post for them.  Of course others can gain some beginner help too!  I'm not going to go deep or outline details.  This is just a general guide to get you started. How to Get Points You accumulate points by defending… Continue reading Conquest – Beginner’s Guide

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I'm taking a vacation. Not the kind you're thinking of. I'm still going to work every day and if anything putting in more hours. No I'm taking a vacation from social media. It started last week. On day 9 and I think tomorrow will be my last vacay day. Maybe. What does this mean? It… Continue reading Vacation


KVK Cancelled – Growth Promoted

So today was productive. I promise you I'm just as surprised at today's achievements as you will be. Many were long term goals I set months ago. They have been a long time coming and I'm feeling both a little dazed and proud. 100% #Gamer post. As many of you know if you follow me… Continue reading KVK Cancelled – Growth Promoted


Friday Night – Nevermind

It's almost 8pm on Friday night and I'm working. Not intentionally. My plans involved relaxing with some alcohol and watching The Crown on Netflix. Perhaps send my farmers out on tiles in KoA. Nope. Instead I'm handing a major client issue that cannot be resolved until Monday and writing this post to vent before I… Continue reading Friday Night – Nevermind

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The Online Empath

One of the hardest things for me is condolences. It is not because there is nothing I could write; is because I sense that no matter what I write it will not have the desired effect on the other person and therefore nothing I could write passes the empath test. I know how they will… Continue reading The Online Empath

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Who Is Purls?

I think it is time to expand my blog a little. I've always enjoyed writing and there is only so much one can write about a game. Especially when there are numerous websites that cover everything you need. It was suggested, and I previously though of doing this, that I add references to my blog… Continue reading Who Is Purls?


207 KVK 29 – Know When to Fight and When to Surrender

We were confident going into this matchup. Perhaps too much. We had not invaded in a while and many fingers are itching. Our matches increased in difficulty as our core team grew in strength and unity. We want from conquering two to one to barely defending. We remained vigilant and grew close as friends. It… Continue reading 207 KVK 29 – Know When to Fight and When to Surrender


Format Change + Delayed Posting

So I haven't posted new content on my blog in a while and this is because I've been very busy.  Preparing for KVK and real-life #Work. I started this blog as a platform for my game experience and will continue to post here.  I enjoy writing.  I started uploading videos to YouTube with the intent… Continue reading Format Change + Delayed Posting